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01/10/2020 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-4308 DEFECT FIX Default worklist filter would persist when navigating to the worklist from a dashboard widget, so the dashboard widget filter would fail to apply.

    • This has been adjusted; when accessing the worklist through a dashboard widget, the worklist will be filtered by the default filter criteria in addition to the widget filter.

    • To filter the worklist by the widget filter ONLY, navigate to the worklist through the dashboard widget filter, then remove the default filter.


  • PM2-4419 DEFECT FIX Multi-line form field labels/questions would overlay lines of text on top of each other, rendering them illegible. This has been fixed; multi-line form field labels will display with proper leading.


  • PM2-4176 DEFECT FIX In the Workflow Templates table and Form Templates table, the Created Date and Created By fields would fail to display values for existing templates. This has been fixed; values in the Created Date and Created By fields will display properly.

  • PM2-4413 DEFECT FIX A form template that was edited to have two columns would display within applicable workflows as having only one column. This has been fixed; two-column form templates will display as such within applicable workflows.

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