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01/16/2020 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-4384 DEFECT FIX System email notifications were being sent to users with disabled profiles. This has been fixed; users with disabled profiles will no longer receive system email notifications.

  • PM2-4449 DEFECT FIX Scheduled jobs would not run due to excessive http customer calls. This affected numerous proxy updates, reports, reminders, and notifications, particularly those pertaining to auto renewals and critical dates. This has been fixed; all these things will now function normally.


  • PM2-4445 DEFECT FIX The Existing Contracts - Contract Number dropdown and the New Contract - Linked to Contract dropdown would fail to return results. This has been fixed; clicking on either of the above fields will return a list of applicable contracts.

  • PM2-4207 Statement of Work is now available as an Attachment Category.


  • PM2-4428 DEFECT FIX When a user initiates a Terminate workflow from a contract, an Abstraction workflow will automatically generate as well.


Workflow Template Builder

  • PM2-4247 DEFECT FIX The Available Participants dropdown would filter out user groups that have no users with permissions matching the workflow template. This has been fixed; all active user groups will now be available for selection in the Available Participants dropdown. 

  • PM2-4416 DEFECT FIX In an existing workflow template, when an Admin would update the Contract Type or Location to a selection that failed to match the permissions of any group member, the entire group would be removed from the Phase Owner and Available Participant fields. This has been fixed; updating the Contract Type or Location to a selection that does not match a group member's permissions will remove only the user with insufficient permissions from the Available Participants field. The group will be retained as Phase Owner and the users with sufficient permissions will be retained as available participants.

Document Template Library

  • PM2-4450 In the document template modal, applying Filter by Contract Category will no longer remove previously selected Contract Types.

Time Tracking (TERMS 2.0)

  • PM2-2540 An automated in-app (bell) notification will remind Providers to enter their time.

    • The Provider will receive this notification weekly.

    • The notification will link to the timesheet workflow (time entry form phase).

    • The notification will read:
      This is a reminder to submit your [Time Sheet Hyperlink] time entries as soon as possible. 

    • This notification corresponds to an existing automated email notification. 

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