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01/28/2020 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-4215 DEFECT FIX Within workflows, users would remain in the Available Participants dropdown after they’d been added to the Participant Sequence.

    • This resulted in Admins being able to add, but not save, a single user to the Participant Sequence multiple times for the same role.

    • This has been fixed; adding a user to the Participant Sequence will now remove that user from the Available Participants dropdown.


  • PM2-4510 DEFECT FIX In the workflow template builder, location updates would not be retained upon saving. This has been fixed; location updates will now be retained upon saving.

  • PM2-4390 DEFECT FIX In the form template builder, a hidden field would remain even after the field triggering it had been deleted. This has been fixed; deleting a trigger will now delete the hidden field as well.

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