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02/17/2020 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-4667 DEFECT FIX: The Primary and Secondary Other Party fields are slow to respond when a user types in the filter to narrow the results.

    • This affects the following places:

      • In active workflows when attempting to modify/edit/add a Primary or Secondary Other Party

      • In the contract library when attempting to filter the page by Primary or Secondary Other Party

      • In the Vendor and Provider Directories when attempting to filter by name

      • In reporting when attempting to filter by Primary or Secondary Other Party

    • This is related to PM2-4233, in which latency was reported and repaired in the Primary and Secondary Other Party fields in the workflow initiation window.

    • This has been fixed; the Primary and Secondary Other Party fields will show improved performance throughout the app.


  • PM2-4580 DEFECT FIX: In-app (bell) notifications for tagged comments (@username) were missing the link to the comment.
    This has been fixed; in-app notifications for tagged comments will now link to the comments' locations.

Worklist & Contracts Tables

  • PM2-4579 DEFECT FIX: In the Contracts and Worklists tables, the Relative Range filter (applicable to Date-related criteria) would fail to filter results.

    • Note that this problem did not persist in the reporting tables.

    • This has been fixed; the Relative Range filter will now function correctly throughout the app.


  • PM2-4691 DEFECT FIX: Attempting to reassign a workflow for a non-new action type would return an error.
    This has been fixed; non-new workflows can now be reassigned as expected.

  • PM2-4679 DEFECT FIX: A field that should have remained hidden until triggered was visible in the form before it was actually triggered.
    This has been fixed; hidden fields will remain hidden until triggered to appear.

  • PM2-4712 DEFECT FIX: The duplicate Document and Attachment Category of Business Associate will be removed from those category lists. There were duplicate categories: Business Associate and Business Associate Agreement.

    • Business Associate will be removed.

    • All documents and attachments assigned to the Business Associate category will be updated to Business Associate Agreement.

External Party Communications

  • PM2-4397: External Party users will be excluded from the following lists:

    • Modals for adding/editing User Groups

    • Critical Date notification recipients

    • Scheduled Report recipients

    • Preferred Proxy users (upcoming functionality)

  • PM2-4676 DEFECT FIX: Newly added external links would fail to display in the External Links table or the External Links dropdown.
    This has been fixed; newly added external links will save and appear as expected.


Workflow Template Builder

  • PM2-4716 DEFECT FIX: User groups that had not been added as Available Participants would be available for sequencing.

    • This would result in user group members being sequenced as workflow participants, but not being able to see, act on, or receive notifications about the workflow.

    • This has been fixed; user groups will no longer be available for sequencing unless they have been added to the Available Participants list.

    • Additional action will be required for affected tenants:
      Applicable workflow templates will need to be updated so that the Available Participants list includes all user groups needed for the Participant Sequence list.

  • PM2-4737 DEFECT FIX: Attempting to add two user groups for the same role in the Available Participants list would result in only one of those user groups being added.
    This has been fixed; two user groups can now be added to the Available Participants for the same role.

  • PM2-4740 DEFECT FIX: Removing one user group from the Available Participants list will remove all user groups with the same role as that one user group.
    This has been fixed; only selected user groups will be removed.

  • PM2-4741 DEFECT FIX: Adding, sequencing, and then removing a user group from the Available Participants list, and then adding a different user group in the same role would result in the removed user group reappearing in the Participant Sequence list.
    This has been fixed; removal of user groups will now persist.

Form Template Builder

  • PM2-4663: The Required checkbox will be hidden in the manage field properties modal if Attachment is selected as the field type.
    This is an interim fix until we release the capability to validate if an attachment has been added.

  • PM2-4686: The Field Labels field will be removed from the manage field properties modal.

    • The Field Label was initially put in the modal to support the custom field captioning in the legacy product.

    • Because custom fields are handled differently in CLM, this field is obsolete.

  • PM2-4434: The Tooltip field will be removed from the manage field properties modal.
    In the near future, tooltips will be handled under Custom Field Management (upcoming functionality). Note that until Custom Field Management is released, MediTract Development will make requested tooltip updates on the back end.

  • PM2-4610: The Help Text field will be added to the manage field properties modal.
    Text entered here will appear as static text beneath the field.

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