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02/18/2019 Deployment Notes

Menu Bar: Feedback Button

  • PM2-1906 To streamline submitting enhancement requests and reporting bugs, the Feedback button has been added to the menu bar. Click the button, enter the information in the popup, then click Submit. Be as detailed as possible, as the information you provide here will be used to create a ticket for us to explore potential outcomes for your feedback.

Emails: Critical Date Alerts

  • PM2-1247 Designated recipients will receive email notifications for upcoming critical dates.

  • PM2-1272 Designated recipients will receive email notifications for past critical dates.

  • PM2-1534 Critical date notifications may be sent to any user within the organization.


Initiation Phase

  • PM2-1614 During workflow initiation, the user can link to multiple contracts.

Form Phase

  • PM2-1903 Fields can be designated as required. Required fields are highlighted in red. The form phase cannot be completed until required fields are populated.

Form & Activation Phases

  • PM2-1632 Form fields are only editable by administrators, the current phase owner, and in-turn reviewers and approvers.

Signature Phase

  • PM2-1911 When adding a third-party signatory, the user will need to select the vendor or provider with which the signatory is associated. The vendor/provider information will appear in the Third-Party Signatory panel.

Activation Phase

  • PM2-1890 A workflow cannot be activated unless a primary responsible party has been designated.

Administrative Functions: Reporting

  • PM2-1693, PM2-1785 In the new Admin > Reporting section, admins can create, save, and export reports that include any reportable field within the worklist or contracts list.

  • PM2-1905 In the new Admin > Reporting section, admins can save and schedule one-off or recurring reports for email delivery.

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