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02/27/2020 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-3167 DEFECT FIX: On the dashboard, the Workflows in Progress widget would fail to display properly if there were many different categories in progress.
    This has been fixed; only 19 individual categories will be displayed, and the rest will be grouped into Other, allowing the widget to display properly.

Worklist & Workflows

  • PM2-4623 DEFECT FIX: The Phase & Participant Info list that appears when hovering over the info icon in the worklist would display the phases out of order.
    This has been fixed; The Phase & Participant Info list will now display phases in their proper order.

  • PM2-3605 DEFECT FIX: A checkmark would display next to phase participants that had been skipped.
    This has been fixed; the no symbol will now display next to skipped phase participants.

  • PM2-4777 DEFECT FIX: Copying field values (specifically, dropdown fields) from the Form Data accordion and pasting them into the document editor would add extra characters, such as brackets and quotation marks.
    This has been fixed; field data will now copy and paste as expected.

Contract Library

  • PM2-4765 DEFECT FIX: In the contract summary pages, the Description field would fail to retain edits.
    This has been fixed; the Description field will now retain edits.

  • PM2-4798 DEFECT FIX: Abstraction workflows would fail to generate upon contract activation.
    This has been fixed; abstraction workflows will now auto-generate as expected.


  • PM2-4770: Because tooltips can now be form-specific, the tooltip field label in the Manage Field Properties modal in the form template builder will be updated to read Form Specific Tooltip.

  • PM2-4762 DEFECT FIX: In the form template builder, multi-page forms would display the sections out of order in single-page preview.
    This has been fixed; form templates will now preview as expected.

  • PM2-4788 DEFECT FIX: Location selections would fail to carry over when copying a workflow template.
    This has been fixed; location selections will be carried over when copying workflow templates.

Time Tracking (TERMS 2.0)

  • PM2-4602 DEFECT FIX: When a user would enter a second time entry on a timesheet, that entry would overwrite the previous entry.
    This has been fixed; time entries now save as expected.

  • PM2-4604 DEFECT FIX: Date, Units, and Compensations fields would fail to populate in certified timesheets.
    This has been fixed; all field values will now populate in certified timesheets.

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