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03/11/2020 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-4909 DEFECT FIX Navigating between the Reporting and Worklist screens would sporadically return a Something went wrong error.
    This has been fixed; navigation between Reporting and the Worklist will occur as expected.


  • PM2-4828 DEFECT FIX In Internet Explorer, two-column forms would improperly display as single-column forms in the Form Phase.
    This has been fixed; two-column forms will now display correctly.

Contract Library

  • PM2-4850 DEFECT FIX On the contract summary pages, the Contract Expiration badge would sometimes incorrectly list the number of days until expiration, being off by one day.
    This has been fixed; the Contract Expiration badge will consistently display the correct number of days until contract expiration.


Workflow Template Builder

  • PM2-4831 DEFECT FIX Attempting to open a workflow template would result in a timeout/page unresponsive error.
    This has been fixed; workflow templates will now load as expected.

  • PM2-4786 DEFECT FIX Adding a user group to a phase would clear values from the Phase Name and Phase Owner fields.
    This has been fixed; adding a user group will no longer remove any field values.

  • PM2-4921 DEFECT FIX Sequencing a participant in a phase with an Add Role to Phase trigger and then saving that phase would remove the sequenced participant as well as the required fields for the trigger.
    This has been fixed; form template edits will save as expected.

Form Template Builder

  • PM2-4864 In the manage field properties modal, the Default Value attribute will no longer appear if the field type is Attachment.
    This is because the default value attribute does not apply to attachments.

Time Tracking (TERMS 2.0)

New Feature: Timesheet Unit Type Management

Admins will be able to manage unit types under Timesheet Management.

  • PM2-4186 The Unit Type schema will be updated to support the creation of custom unit types.

  • PM2-4746 The Unit Type schema will be updated to support the display of custom unit types. This will affect the following locations:

    • Admin > Timesheet Management > Timesheet Activity > table

    • Admin > Timesheet Management > Timesheet Activity > Add/edit activity modal

    • Contract Library > Timesheets > Add New Timesheets tab > Activity table

    • My Worklist > Timesheet Workflow > Timesheet Activity table

    • My Worklist > Timesheet Workflow > Add/Update Timesheet Activity

  • PM2-4046 The Unit Type tab will be added under Timesheet Management.
    There will be three tabs under Timesheet Management: Timesheet Activity | Timesheet Activity Group | Timesheet Unit Type

  • PM2-4048, PM2-4047, 4709 Timesheet Unit Types will be displayed in a standard table, with the Filter Table, Manage Columns, and Export widgets.

    • The following columns will be displayed by default: Unit | Date Created | Created By | Status

    • The following columns will be available using the Manage Columns widget: Last Modified | Last Modified By

  • PM2-4049, PM2-4710 To add a unit type:

    • Under the Timesheet Unit Type tab, click Create Unit Type.

    • In the add modal, enter the name of the unit. The name must be unique.

  • PM2-4050 To set the unit type status to Enabled, click the toggle. By default, the toggle is set to Disabled.

    • Only active unit types can be applied to timesheets.

    • When finished, click Save.

  • PM2-4135 To edit a unit type:

    • In the timesheet unit types table, click on the unit type you want to edit.

    • In the edit modal, edit the name and/or status.

    • When finished, click Save.

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