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03/19/2019 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-2131 Users can select the Primary Other Party and Secondary Other Party in the workflow header in any phase.

    • Permissions apply to admins, phase owners, and in-turn reviewers and approvers.

    • When a user updates the Primary Other Party, the workflow name will be updated accordingly.

    • Users can delete the Secondary Other Party but not the Primary Other Party.

Initiation Phase

  • PM2-2155 When initiating a workflow, the user must select an Entity, Site, and Department in the Contract Locations tree.

  • PM2-2239 To improve performance, the Contract Location selector in the initiation phase will only render visible nodes to improve performance.

Document Source & Negotiation Phases

  • PM2-2117 The case sensitivity issue has been resolved, so that files with the DOCX extension are now showing in the preview window.

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