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03/19/2021 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-7796 BUG FIX When a new version of an attachment was uploaded, the file type failed to update. This has been fixed; the file type will update to reflect the most recent attachment version.

  • PM2-7821 BUG FIX In-turn Reviewers, Approvers, and Signatories were able to cancel workflows and see the Retract button. This has been fixed; only Admins and Phase Owners can retract or cancel workflows, and those options are hidden from other user roles.

  • PM2-7887 DEFECT FIX In the Activation Phase, Abstraction users were erroneously included in the Internal Signatories dropdown. This has been fixed; Abstraction users will no longer appear in the Internal Signatories dropdown.

  • PM2-7855 DEFECT FIX When a multi-organization user switched to another organization while on a workflow, the organization was updated, but the user remained on the initial organization’s workflow page. This has been fixed; when switching to another organization, the user will be redirected to that organization’s worklist.


  • PM2-7758 DEFECT FIX Users were unable to edit the Responsible Party if the contract summary page was opened by clicking anywhere other than the contract name. This has been fixed; users can edit the Responsible Party regardless of how the contract summary page was opened.

Time Tracking (TERMS 2.0)

  • PM2-7916 DEFECT FIX Although time entry deletions were reflected in the UI, some time entry amounts were not subtracted from the Total Compensation amount. This has been fixed; Total Compensation will be equal to the sum of the existing time entries.

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