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03/26/2020 Deployment Notes

  • PM2-4998 DEFECT FIX The Abstraction Contract Type would appear in Contract Type dropdowns throughout the application.

    • This was occurring in workflow initiation, user permissions, approved language, and workflow templates.

    • This has been fixed; Abstraction can no longer be selected as a Contract Type.

  • PM2-1856 DEFECT FIX When an attachment was edited, the timestamp of the edit would fail to update.

    • This was occurring in both workflows and contracts.

    • This has been fixed; the edit timestamp will update as expected.


  • PM2-5030 HOTFIX Adding a user group as a participant in a workflow template would cause errors.
    This has been fixed; user groups in workflow templates will behave as expected.

  • PM2-4964 DEFECT FIX If a user group containing both Phase Owners and Admins was assigned as Phase Owner within a workflow template, then the Admin user would be auto-assigned as the Phase Owner within a workflow

    • A user group member with Phase Owner permissions should be auto-assigned as the Phase Owner.

    • This has been fixed; a user group member with Phase Owner permissions will be auto-assigned as the Phase Owner.


  • PM2-4923 DEFECT FIX When editing and saving the field value in a date, the previous field value would fail to clear.
    This has been fixed; field value edits will save as expected.


  • PM2-4966 If a user’s permissions are changed so that they no longer match a workflow template, then that user will still be displayed on the workflow template.

    • If an Admin edits the workflow template, then the name of the user with newly incompatible permissions will be listed in the Workflow Template Changes alert.

  • PM2-4975 When an existing section is added to a form, then that section will be auto-saved to the form.

  • PM2-4952 In the form template builder, the Trigger link will be hidden on the field properties modal when the field type is Attachment.

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