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04/15/2020 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-5027 BUG FIX Data copied from the contract would lose its formatting when it was pasted into the Original Term field.
    This has been fixed; information copied from a contract will retain its original formatting when it is pasted into the Original Term field.


  • PM2-5032, PM2-4969 DEFECT FIX Attempting to access the Contracts tab would return a “Something Went Wrong Loading Contracts” error.
    This has been fixed; the Contracts tab in Reporting will now load contracts as expected.


  • PM2-5101 DEFECT FIX In several field types, the default values would fail to display.

    • This has been fixed; all default values except those in picklists will now display as expected.

    • A fix for displaying default values in picklists will be deployed as soon as possible.

  • PM2-5066 DEFECT FIX In the Document Source Phase, adding a multiple documents would cause the + Add Document button to disappear from view.
    This has been fixed; the + Add Document button will remain visible regardless of how many documents are added.

Admin: Workflow Template Builder

  • PM2-5102 BUG FIX The Workflow Template Changes popup would erroneously appear when editing the Location of a workflow template.

    • There should be no permission checks for groups in the workflow template builder because the permission are checked when the workflow is initiated.

    • This has been fixed; the popup will no longer appear in the workflow template builder.

  • PM2-5056 BUG FIX When changing the selected Role in a user trigger, the triggered User field would fail to clear.
    This has been fixed; changing the selected Role in a user trigger will clear the User field.


  • PM2-BUG FIX In the Document Source Phase, edit mode will be turned off. Document editing is not a QuickStart feature.

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