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04/15/2021 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-8194 DEFECT FIX Full text search failed to yield proper results. This has been fixed; full text search will return results as expected.

  • PM2-7982 BUG FIX In Internet Explorer, transitioning to a new page prompted an Are you sure you want to leave this page? message. This has been fixed; the message will no longer display when being directed to a new page.


  • PM2-7503 DEFECT FIX Contract Expiration emails for one specific contract failed to send to one specific Responsible Party.

    • Development has implemented additional checks to ensure that automated email notifications are sent.

    • This has been fixed; all automated email notifications will send as expected.

Worklist & Workflows

  • PM2-7794 DEFECT FIX Users experienced typing lags in modal text boxes, which caused typos.

    • This has been fixed; lagging will no longer occur while typing in modal text boxes*.

    • *This fix excludes the comment modal, which will be fixed at a later time.

  • PM2-7918 DEFECT FIX Upon the completion of the Activation Phase, duplicate contracts were created for a single workflow. This has been fixed; the Activate button will be disabled after the initial activation.

  • PM2-8060 DEFECT FIX In workflows with any Action Type other than New, the removal of the Secondary Other Party was not reflected in the contract upon activation. This has been fixed; contracts will reflect changes made during a non-new workflow as expected.

  • PM2-8080 DEFECT FIX In open review workflows, attempting to add a Phase Owner or Admin as an active participant returned an error. This has been fixed; users will be able to add active participants as expected.

  • PM2-8165 DEFECT FIX The Pending My Action badge failed to include open review workflows for active phase participants. This has been fixed; the Pending My Action badge will include open review workflows for active phase participants as expected.

  • PM2-7786 DEFECT FIX Workflows with Contract Types outside an Admin’s permission set were visible in the Admin’s worklist.

    • The user could see the workflow in the worklist, but could not open the workflow.

    • This has been fixed; users' worklists will only display workflows that they have permissions to access.

  • PM2-8166 DEFECT FIX In an open review workflow, when a Phase Owner added herself as a Reviewer or Approver, then clicked Save Version upon making changes to the document, the Submit Review (or Submit Approval) button failed to appear. This has been fixed; Phase Owners that are also Reviewers (or Approvers) will see the Complete Phase and the Submit Review (or Submit Approval) buttons.


  • PM2-7967 DEFECT FIX Attempting to export the Default Assignments list returned an error. This has been fixed; the Default Assignments list will export as expected.

Time Tracking (TERMS 2.0)

  • PM2-7483 The Mark as Confidential and the Visible to External Party checkboxes on the Attachment modal in timesheet workflows will be hidden. These checkboxes were added for contract workflows and do not apply to timesheet workflows.

  • PM2-7995 On the worklist, “Timesheet” will replace “Create” in the Action column. This will allow users to more easily distinguish timesheet workflows from contract workflows.

  • PM2-8052 DEFECT FIX Upon creating a form template with Timesheet as the Form Type, the form type erroneously appeared as Default.

    • This prevented Timesheet from appearing in the Form Type dropdown in the filter widget.

    • In the Form Templates table, Default was listed in the Form Type column for Timesheet form templates.

    • This has been fixed; the Timesheet Form Type will display as expected.

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