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04/22/2021 Deployment Notes

Improved Performance

  • PM2-8242 The application will start up significantly faster. This will be especially noticeable on slower machines.


  • PM2-7900 BUG FIX The ANY/ALL filter applied ALL logic by default, despite ANY being selected as the default. This has been fixed; the ANY/ALL filter will function as expected.


  • PM2-8009 DEFECT FIX Upon the completion of a Digital (DocuSign) Signature Phase, the document viewer failed to reflect changes to the filename. This has been fixed; the document viewer will display the filename of the most recently added document.

  • PM2-8314 DEFECT FIX Users were unable to reorder Approvers in the participant sequence. This has been fixed; users with appropriate permissions will be able to reorder Approvers in the participant sequence as expected.

  • PM2-8274 DEFECT FIX Users experienced lags when typing in the Comments modal, which caused typos. This has been fixed; lagging will no longer occur while typing in the Comments modal.

  • PM2-8254 DEFECT FIX In-turn Reviewers and Approvers were unable to decline their review or approval when the Phase Owner was next in the participant sequence. This has been fixed; Reviewers and Approvers will be able to decline as expected.


  • PM2-8108 DEFECT FIX In multi-organization tenants, attempting to create a workflow template in one organization with the same name as an existing workflow template in another organization returned an error. This has been fixed; workflow template names must be unique for each organization, as opposed to each tenant.

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