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05/06/2020 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-5253 BUG FIX The new email formatting wasn’t applied to scheduled reports.
    This has been fixed; scheduled report emails will now display the new email format.

  • PM2-5263 BUG FIX There was a small typo in the legal disclaimer in the new email format.
    This has been fixed; (“Company?”) has been corrected to (“Company”).


  • PM2-5045 DEFECT FIX In Internet Explorer, users would experience lag time when typing in fields in the form phase.
    This has been fixed; text can be entered as expected in Internet Explorer.

  • PM2-5133 BUG FIX In the activation phase, some fields in the Key Terms tab would remain editable after the workflow had been activated.
    This has been fixed; key terms can no longer edited once a workflow has been activated.

  • PM2-5142 BUG FIX The workflow would fail to recognize default values that had been determined in the workflow template builder.

    • This applied to the following field types: Dropdowns | Radio Buttons | Picklist

    • This has been fixed; default values will now have as expected in workflows.


  • PM2-4295 BUG FIX In the contract permissions tab of a user profile, the location permissions would fail to display properly.

    • This would only occur under very specific circumstances, in which one (of two or more) child node was checked, then the parent node was checked. Location permissions would only display the one child node that was checked originally, instead of the parent node.

    • Location permissions would function correctly; the problem was only in how they were displayed

    • This has been fixed; location permissions will now display properly.


  • PM2-5076 BUG FIX In the document template library, the Created Date filter would not filter properly.
    This has been fixed; the Created Date filter will now work as expected.

  • PM2-5078 BUG FIX In the document template library, the Document Category filter would fail filter for Service Agreements.

    • When applied, it would return Service Agreements and Master Service Agreements.

    • This has been fixed; the Documents category filter will now work as expected.

  • PM2-3128 BUG FIX For consistency, the title of the user groups table has been changed from Groups to User Groups.


  • PM2-5117 BUG FIX In a workflow initiation, the Reviewer and Approver roles would be available for sequencing.
    This has been fixed; only the Phase Owner and Admin roles will be available for sequencing.

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