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05/06/2021 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-8446 DEFECT FIX Attempts to reorder sequenced phase participants after starting a phase yielded unpredictable results. This has been fixed; Phase Managers and Admins can reorder sequenced phase participants who’ve not yet taken their turns as expected, even after starting the phase.

  • PM2-7810 DEFECT FIX In the Contract Location dropdown, locations with overlong names appeared separated from their nodes (O/E/S/D). This has been fixed; overlong Contract Location names will be truncated to fit the width of the dropdown, ending with an ellipsis (…).

  • PM2-8463 DEFECT FIX In several specific workflows with DOCX documents, a server error appeared in the document editor. This has been fixed; DOCX files will appear in the document editor as expected.

  • PM2-8160 DEFECT FIX Phase Owners, their actions, and associated date/timestamps were missing from the Executive Summary over page. This has been fixed; Phase Owners, their actions, and associated date/timestamps will appear on the Executive Summary as expected.

  • PM2-8246 DEFECT FIX In Internet Explorer, when selecting a filter with a dropdown at the bottom of the Filter Table widget, attempting to scroll to see available values would close the dropdown. This has been fixed; scrolling within the Filter Table widget will work as expected.

Workflows & Contracts

  • PM2-8303 DEFECT FIX In the workflow and contract summary headers, locations with overlong names were cut off in the Contract Location field. This has been fixed; the entire location name will appear in the Contract Location field.


  • PM2-8392 DEFECT FIX Attempting to reorder a single option in a custom field with an input type of picklist, dropdown, or radio button caused other options for that field to erroneously reorder. This has been fixed; reordering a single custom field option will not affect the order of other options for that field.

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