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05/13/2021 Deployment Notes

  • PM2-8120 DEFECT FIX In the Negotiation Phase, if the sequenced Phase Manager edited a document and then added and sequenced a Reviewer, the Phase Manager’s edits would be removed. This has been fixed; edits made to document in the Negotiation Phase will save as expected.

  • PM2-7399 BUG FIX Requestors were able to add, edit, and delete Other Party contacts, Vendor Exclusion Records, and attachments on Vendor and Provider profiles, as well as request credentialing (in tenants using Newport Credentialing). This has been fixed; Vendor and Provider profiles will be read-only for Requestors.

  • PM2-8063 BUG FIX When applying a filter in the Manage All Attachments modal, the word values appeared before the filter name. This has been fixed; the filter names in the Manage All Attachments modal will display as expected.

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