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05/14/2020 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-4272 DEFECT FIX In some cases, dates migrated from PM1 would not function correctly.
    This has been fixed; all dates throughout the application will now function as midnight UTC.


  • PM2-5371 DEFECT FIX At certain screen resolutions, the View History button on the document viewer was obscured from view.
    This has been fixed; the View History button on the document viewer is now visible.

  • PM2-4805 BUG FIX The error message users without abstraction permissions receive when attempting to access an abstraction workflow has been updated to be more user-friendly.

    • Previously, users would see a blank page and the following error message: Problem reaching the workflow service.

    • The following message will now appear on the contract page: You do not currently have the necessary permissions to view this abstraction workflow.


  • PM2-5323 DEFECT FIX In an amended, reassigned workflow, the Contract Type would fail to update in the activated contract.
    This has been fixed; the Contract Type will now update as expected.

  • PM2-4873 BUG FIX Creating multiple external links would result in them failing to display in the correct order.
    This has been fixed; external links will now behave in the table as expected.

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