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05/18/2021 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-8514 DEFECT FIX In the initiation screen and the Contract Permissions tab of the user profile, the carets were missing from the location nodes of the organization tree.

    • Users could neither collapse nor expand the location nodes and had to expand the entire tree to see location nodes.

    • This has been fixed; users can expand and collapse the nodes of the organization tree as expected.


  • PM2-8065 BUG FIX In the Manage All Attachments modal in workflows and vendor provider profiles, values in the Subject and Note columns in the Filter Table widget were case sensitive.

    • This made it seem as though values were not being filtered.

    • This has been fixed; users can filter by Subject and Note as expected, regardless of character case.


  • PM2-8491 DEFECT FIX Within a particular workflow, attempting to access form data via the Form Data panel returned a Something went wrong while trying to display this page error. This has been fixed; users with appropriate permissions can access the Form Data panel as expected.

  • PM2-8132 BUG FIX The email notification alerting active participants that the Negotiation Phase of an open review has started was missing the word “Phase”. This has been fixed; the word “Phase” will appear email notifications where appropriate.

  • PM2- 8020 BUG FIX In a workflow retracted from the Signature Phase to a previous phase, the Executive Summary failed to record the updated reviews and approvals. This has been fixed; the Executive Summary will list updated reviews and approvals as expected, regardless of whether the workflow has been retracted.

  • PM2-8395 DEFECT FIX In an Amend workflow, the original timestamps on attachments imported to the workflow from the existing contract were erroneously replaced with timestamps reflecting when the Amend workflow was initiated. This has been fixed; attachments imported to an Amend workflow from an existing contract will retain their original timestamps.

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