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06/10/2021 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-7330 BUG FIX Users were unable to configure email and in-app (bell) notifications for when a proxied user was sequenced. This has been fixed; a Participant: Proxied User Sequenced toggle will be included under the Notifications tab of the Manage Profile modal.

  • PM2-8622 DEFECT FIX The email notification for alerting a proxy user that it’s their turn failed to send. This has been fixed; proxy users will receive the email notification and in-app (bell) notification to alert them of their turn as expected.

  • PM2-8481 DEFECT FIX The Action Required notifications failed to send to users who were sequenced above signatories in the DocuSign Signature Phases. This has been fixed; sequenced participants in a DocuSign Signature Phase will receive the Action Required notifications as expected.


  • PM2-7676 BUG FIX Filtering for workflows using the Phase Type filter produced NULL results. This has been fixed; the report will display all workflows with any of the selected Phase Types.

Worklist & Workflows

  • PM2-8551 DEFECT FIX A Server Error in '/' Application error prevented users from viewing documents in the document viewer. This has been fixed; the document viewer will appear as expected.

  • PM2-8562 DEFECT FIX In the Activation Phase, if a user attempted to submit field information without completing the required fields, then completed the missing required fields, the Activate button remained disabled. This has been fixed; upon entering values for the required fields, the values will save and the Activate button will be enabled.

  • PM2-8659 DEFECT FIX Form instructions failed to properly display. This has been fixed; form instructions will appear as static text when the form instructions on page toggle is ON.

  • PM2-8633 BUG FIX Some users experienced typing lags in text boxes, which caused typos. This has been fixed; lagging will no longer occur while typing in text boxes.

  • PM2-7718 BUG FIX Newly added comments displayed the commenter’s user display name instead of their email address. This has been fixed; comments will display the commenter’s email address.

  • PM2-7457 BUG FIX When adding an attachment, the original file name displayed in the Choose Attachment dropdown instead of the edited attachment name. This has been fixed; the most recent filename for the attachment will display in the Choose Attachment dropdown.

  • PM2-8628 BUG FIX Proxies (including preferred proxies) for Phase Mediators were not inserted into workflows. This has been fixed; Phase Mediators with time away settings on will have a proxy inserted into their workflows.

  • PM2-7421 BUG FIX In Internet Explorer, the Reorder button above the Document Version panel overlapped with the name of the panel, and clicking the caret failed to collapse the panel. This has been fixed; the Reorder button will no longer overlap with the panel name, and clicking the caret will collapse the panel.

  • PM2-8705 DEFECT FIX Users were unable to reorder Approvers in the participant sequence if the phase had started. This has been fixed; users will be able to reorder Approvers, including during a phase.

  • PM2-8703 DEFECT FIX In Amend workflows, the Created By field value of any previously uploaded attachments and documents changed to the initiator of the workflow. This has been fixed, the Created By field will retain the names of the user who uploaded the document or attachment in the original workflow.

  • PM2-8625 DEFECT FIX Dates added through a custom field were formatted YYYY/MM/DD with a timestamp. This has been fixed; dates added through a custom field will be formatted DD/MM/YYYY with no timestamp.

  • PM2-8055 BUG FIX When sorting the Description column, the fields were sorted alphabetically and by case. This has been fixed; sorting functionality will not be case sensitive.


  • PM2-8513 DEFECT FIX Expired and Terminated options were erroneously included in the Status filter when the Include Inactive Contracts toggle was OFF. This has been fixed; Expired and Terminated will be excluded in the Status filter if the Include Inactive Contracts toggle is OFF.

  • PM2-8669 DEFECT FIX Attempting to archive a contract returned an Unable to Archive Contract error. This has been fixed; users will be able to archive contracts as expected.


  • PM2-8621 BUG FIX Abstraction users were available to be selected as Responsible Parties. This has been fixed; Abstraction users will not be available to be selected as Responsible Parties, as expected.

  • PM2-8596 BUG FIX In the Document Template Library queue, when a filter is applied, the word “value” was appended to the beginning of the filter value in the filter dropdown, and clicking the X in the box that contains the selected value failed to clear the filter. This has been fixed; the selected filter value will display with the exact wording of the value, and clicking the X in the box containing the selected value will clear the filter.

  • PM2-7737 BUG FIX When creating a user group, the Role filter under the Select People tab failed to filter properly. This has been fixed; the Role filter will function as expected.

  • PM2-8127 BUG FIX Removal of email addresses from vendor or provider profiles was not retained. This has been fixed; users will be able to remove email addresses from vendor or provider profiles as expected.

  • PM2-8674 DEFECT FIX Attempting to access a workflow template where a form was recently edited returned an error, and the workflow template was inaccessible. This has been fixed; users will be able to access workflow templates as expected.

Pulse Check

  • PM2-8583 DEFECT FIX The participant sequence in the tooltip that appears when hovering over the (info) in the Phase & Participant Info column listed participants in the incorrect order. This has been fixed; participants will be listed in the correct order, as expected.

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