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06/17/2021 Deployment Notes

Vendor & Provider Profiles

  • PM2-8057 BUG FIX In the add exclusion verification modal, adding an attachment with an overlong filename caused the filename to extend beyond the modal. This has been fixed; the filename will wrap to the next line.

Worklist & Workflows

  • PM2-7579 BUG FIX In Internet Explorer, upon clicking the (+) icon to add a comment in the Comments panel within a workflow, the (+) icon shifted to the left when the Comment modal opened. This has been fixed; the (+) icon will remain right-aligned.

  • PM2-8717 DEFECT FIX Attempting to sort the worklist by the Phase Mediator column returned a Something Went Wrong Loading Worklist error. This has been fixed; the Phase Mediator column will not be sortable.


  • PM2-8720 BUG FIX In the Document Template Library, if a filter was applied, then any additional filters were only applied to the results returned by the initial filter. This has been fixed; an applied filter will not affect additional filter criteria, and users will be able to see values for all other filters.

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