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06/18/2019 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-2312 If there are items in your worklist currently awaiting your action, then you’ll see a Pending My Action badge above the worklist table.

    • You’ll only see the badge if there are items currently awaiting your action.

    • The badge will display a number showing how many workflows are currently awaiting your action.

    • If you click on the badge, then the worklist will be filtered to show only those items currently awaiting your action.

  • PM2-3049 BUG FIX The worklist table now behaves as expected when sorting by Phase & Participant Info.

Workflows & Contract Summary Pages

  • PM2-2731, PM2-2827 If a workflow applies to five or more locations, then a scrollbar will be added to the Contract Locations field in the workflow and contract information headers. This will allow users to view these pages normally when workflow or contract has many locations while still allowing them to see all the locations if needed.


  • PM2-2685 For workflows that are modifying existing contracts, the field “Contract Name” has been added to the workflow summary header.

    • The field will appear in amend, terminate, renew, abstract and other modification workflows.

    • The field value will contain the name of the original contract.

    • The field value will also serve as a clickable link to the original contract record.

  • PM2-2657 To provide users with a more focused view, in all workflow phases, the accordions on the right side of the page (Attachments, Comments, etc.) will default to being collapsed.

Initiation Phase

  • PM2-2651 In the initiation phase, users will be able to expand and collapse different levels of the organizational tree. This will make it easier for users within large organizations to find the locations they need.

    • When you click into the Contract Location field, you’ll see Expand All | Collapse All buttons at the top of the tree.

    • Clicking Collapse All will reduce the tree to only the top node and the entities.

    • Each parent node on the tree has a caret that allows you to selectively expand children of that node.

    • The default state of the organizational tree is collapsed.

  • PM2-2043 In the initiation phase, the organizational tree will hide all nodes that the user has no permissions to access. This will make it easier for users to find the locations they need.

Signature Phase

  • PM2-2311 To provide customers who don’t use digital signatures with an uncluttered user experience, the digital signature feature can now be turned off in individual databases (tenants). If the digital signature feature is turned off:

    • When a user opens any workflow in the signature phase, they will not see a toggle option for Digital Signature;

    • When a user logs into the system, they will not see a DocuSign services error message.

  • PM2-1921 Because some contracts may involve multiple other party signatories, the associated vendor/provider is now displayed alongside each other party signatory's name and role:

    • In the signature phase, the other party signatory’s associated vendor/provider will appear with their name and role in the Participant Info section.

    • In the contract summary page, the other party signatory’s associated vendor/provider will appear with their name and email address.


  • PM2-3064 BUG FIX The Auto Renewal field no longer sets auto-renewing contracts that are beyond their initial expiration date with an Auto Renewal value other than true (such as Yes) as having Expired status.

  • PM2-2068 BUG FIX Auto-renewing contracts beyond their initial expiration date that erroneously had their status updated to Expired have been restored to Active status.


  • PM2-1845 In the approved language library, the following columns have been added to the table: Created Date (includes time) | Last Modified Date (includes time)

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