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06/24/2021 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-8761 DEFECT FIX Non-abstraction users who initiated an abstraction workflow received the Workflow Activated automated email notification. This has been fixed; non-abstraction users will not receive the Workflow Activated automated email notification.


  • PM2-8345 DEFECT FIX During document editing attempts, the in-app document editor crashed and discarded any edits. This has been fixed; users can edit documents in the in-app document editor as expected.

  • PM2-8829 BUG FIX The date/timestamp and the name of the user who uploaded the document failed to appear in the View History dropdown. This has been fixed; the View History dropdown will display the following attributes as expected:

    • Filename

    • Download icon

    • Date/timestamp

    • Name of user who uploaded the document


  • PM2-8881 HOTFIX When a user attempted to add an attachment to a contract, the Attachment Category dropdown displayed No Results Found. This has been fixed; the Attachment Category dropdown will populate as expected.


  • PM2-8753 DEFECT FIX Attempting to access a workflow template containing a form with recently deleted triggers returned an error.

    • Unnecessary payloads referencing phase triggers that have been deleted from workflow templates will automatically be removed.

    • This has been fixed; users will be able to access workflow templates as expected.

Time Tracking (TERMS 2.0)

  • PM2-8736 DEFECT FIX Clicking the Create Timesheets button returned a Something Went Wrong Saving Timesheet Config error, and the timesheets config record was not created. This has been fixed; Upon clicking Create Timesheets, timesheets will be generated and a timesheet config record will be added.

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