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06/25/2020 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-5250 BUG FIX In the Filter and Manage Column widgets, “Contract Entity” has been changed to “Contract Entities” to reflect that multiple criteria can be selected.

    • This affects widgets in the following tables: Worklist, Contract Library, Reporting (Workflows and Contracts tabs)

  • PM2-5793 DEFECT FIX Tagging a user in a comment and then backspacing and typing a semicolon would cause an error when clicking the Comment button.

    • This affected the following Comment panels: Workflows, Contracts, Vendor & Provider Profiles

    • This has been fixed; semicolons will no longer interfere with saving comments.


  • PM2-4659 BUG FIX If a user is was both the Initiator and the Phase Owner for a workflow, then they would receive duplicate emails (one for the Initiator and one for the Phase Owner) for certain workflow events, such as cancellation or activation.
    This has been fixed; the Phase Owner who initiated a workflow will only receive Phase Owner emails.

  • PM2-5837 DEFECT FIX The DocuSign signatory email subject has been shortened.
    When the vendor name is exceptionally long, the subject line exceeds the maximum number of characters allowed in a DocuSign email subject, cutting off part of the workflow name. We shortened the subject so this will happen less often.
    Current Subject: 
    Signatory: Your Electronic Signature Is Needed for [Workflow Name]
    New Subject:
    Electronic Signature Needed for [Workflow Name]
    This will also shorten the Phase Owner notification regarding completed DocuSign signatures.

Vendor Directory

  • PM2-5698 DEFECT FIX The Vendor Code would fail to display in the Vendor Directory table.
    This has been fixed; the Vendor Code will now display as expected.

  • PM2-5646 DEFECT FIX Type-ahead filtering in the Vendor Directory table would lag in displaying typed characters.
    This has been fixed; characters will now display in type-ahead filtering as they are typed.

User Permissions

  • PM2-5577 To support upcoming enhancements to User Group functionality, Default Assignee will be displayed on a permission set when the Default Assignee box is checked in the user profile.


  • PM2-5186 BUG FIX The Status: Activated filter, which can only be applied when the Include Previously Completed Items toggle is ON, would persist after switching OFF the toggle.
    This has been fixed; if the Status: Activated filter has been applied, then switching OFF the Include Previously Completed Items toggle will remove it.

Contract Library

  • PM2-4561 The Effective Date field will now be available in the Contract Library table.

    • Effective Date can be added via the Manage Columns widget.

    • It will not be displayed by default.

  • PM2-5677 DEFECT FIX In Internet Explorer, users would experience lag time when typing in the Critical Date Subject field.
    This has been fixed; text can be entered as expected in Internet Explorer.

  • PM2-5767 DEFECT FIX When a user would click Initiate New Workflow on a contract summary page, the initiation screen would erroneously display the New Contract radio button.

    • Only a workflow on an existing contract should be able to be launched from a contract summary page.

    • This has been fixed; the New Contract radio button is now disabled.


  • PM2-4862 BUG FIX When filtering by Location in Organization Management > Approved Language, the scroll bar would partially obscure the Filter button in Expand All | Collapse All | Filter.
    This has been fixed; the scroll bar will no longer overlap the Filter button.

  • PM2-5662 In preparation for custom field management, custom fields have been migrated and standardized to distinguish between Input Type and Data Type.
    Once the Custom Field Management module is deployed, Admins will be able to manage the input type themselves. In the interim, please submit a D-List request if an input type needs to be changed.

    • For custom fields in which the previous input type is no longer supported:

      • If there are options listed, then the input type will be set to field/dropdown.

      • If there are no options listed, then the input type will be set to text.

Table 1—Supported Display (Input) Types by Data Type

Data Type

Input Types






Text-field, Radio Button, Dropdown, Picklist


Text-field, Radio Button, Dropdown, Picklist


Text-field, Text-area, Radio Button, Dropdown, Picklist

User Groups

  • PM2-5573 In preparation for upcoming enhancements to User Group functionality, the user group creation modal will convert to a page.

    • On the user groups page, when an Admin clicks Create Group, a modal will open.

      • The user will be prompted to enter the following: Group Name | Status | Group Category | Description (optional)

      • The user selection table is no longer in the modal.

    • Upon clicking Save, a dedicated page for the new user group will open.

      • The page will contain the user selection table as well as the editable fields listed above.

    • When the Admin clicks on a user group name in the user groups table, the page for the selected user group will open.

  • PM2-5466 On the edit user group page, the Add Group Members table will be contained in an accordion, which will be collapsed by default.

  • PM2-5502 On the edit user group page, the Export functionality will be available.

    • This will allow Admins to easily share User Group member lists.

    • It will work the same way it does in the Worklist, Contract Library, and Reporting tables.

    • Admins will be able to export the following group member information into CSV or XLSX (provided that information has been populated in the user profiles): Name | Job Title | Email | Phone | Roles

Time Tracking (TERMS 2.0)

  • PM2-4877 BUG FIX In the Reporting > Timesheet Config tab, the Weekly and Monthly filters for Pay Period Type would erroneously return results for bi-weekly and semi-monthly, respectively.
    This has been fixed; the Weekly and Monthly filters will now work as expected.

  • PM2-5692 For consistency, the Notes field has been renamed Description. This affects the following places: Summary Section of the Timesheet, Add New Timesheet form, Manage Scheduled Timesheets forms

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