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07/23/2019 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-3198 DEFECT FIX The participant names no longer disappear from the Participant Info and Participant Sequence sections upon clicking Start Phase.

  • PM2-3196 DEFECT FIX The Evergreen setting no longer prevents the Activation button from displaying.

  • PM2-3243 DEFECT FIX The Key Terms tab now retains the Effective Date and Expiration Date values in terminated workflows.

  • PM2-2862 The following fields, which were standard form fields, are now system fields in the activation and abstraction phases:

    • Effective Date

    • Expiration Date

    • Original Term

    • Auto Renewal

    • Renewal Term Months

    • Evergreen

    • Renewal Times

    • Upon updating any of these system fields in the activation phase, the change will be reflected in the both contract record and the Abstract workflow generated.

Contract Library

  • PM2-2353 DEFECT FIX The typo in the expiration date notification email has been corrected.

  • PM2-2983 DEFECT FIX On the contract summary page, the Main Documents section has been renamed “Document Versions” for consistency with workflows.


  • PM2-2897 To improve page performance, the organization tree in the Organization Management section is now collapsed by default.

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