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08/12/2021 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-8946 DEFECT FIX When a user attempted to print the Initiation Form Phase, the Contract Location field ran off of the Contract Summary window, and several pages were blank. This has been fixed; when printed, the Contract Location field will be wrapped to prevent excess pages.


  • PM2-9141 DEFECT FIX When a user opened a dropdown in the Filter Table widget, the loading spinner remained.

    • The user was able to make a selection from the dropdown and apply the filter selection.

    • This has been fixed; when the dropdown options are loaded, the loading spinner will disappear.


  • PM2-7984 DEFECT FIX For organizations with custom reports that were created prior to the Mount Victoria release, when a user applied a filter with an AND/OR/NULL operator that conflicted with the custom report, the existing report failed to replace the original saved filter settings. This has been fixed; custom reports will be converted to a filtering format that uses AND/OR/NULL operators.


Workflow Templates

  • PM2-9115 DEFECT FIX Attempting to access a workflow template returned a Something Went Wrong Loading Workflow Forms error. This has been fixed; users will be able to access workflow templates as expected.

  • PM2-8826 DEFECT FIX Users experienced slowness when transitioning workflow template phases. This has been fixed; workflow template phase transitions will occur more quickly.


  • PM2-9130 BUG FIX Attempting to access the vendor directory returned an error. This has been fixed; users will be able to access the vendor directory, as expected.

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