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08/13/2019 Deployment Notes

All Queues

  • PM2-3374 DEFECT FIX Saved filters with long names no longer obscure the delete (trash can) icon


  • PM2-1556 DEFECT FIX In the document phase, when uploading the first document, instead of clicking the Add Document button, users will either click the Upload Source File icon in the preview window or drag and drop a document into the preview window.

    • To add subsequent documents, users will still click the Add Document button.

    • Under View History, the Quick View PDF and Download Word File buttons have moved to the right of the file name and have been replaced with icons. This allows for a more compact view.

Contract Library

  • PM2-2647 The queries in the contract library have been optimized to improve performance (i.e. faster load time).

  • PM2-2589 DEFECT FIX When a responsible party is updated in a contract file, the new responsible party will receive an email notification as expected.

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