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08/13/2020 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-5623 Contracts will load faster in Explore > Contracts and Explore > Reporting > Contracts.


  • PM2-4812 BUG FIX Filtering by several Contract Names caused a visual defect in which the list of applied filters overlapped the Saved Reports panel.
    This has been fixed; the filtered Contract Names will truncate if needed.

  • PM2-5947 BUG FIX Fields with the data type of Integer that were added to the grid via the Manage Columns widget behaved oddly.

    • When sorted, they organized alphanumerically rather than numerically.

    • In the Filter Table widget, the numeric operators were unavailable, so that only individual values could be selected.

    • This has been fixed; Integer columns can be sorted numerically and filtered by range as expected.

  • PM2-6104 DEFECT FIX In a particular tenant, attempting to view the Contracts tab returned a 504 error.
    This has been fixed; the Contracts tab will load as expected.


  • PM2-6157 DEFECT FIX When accessing a workflow, an Admin saw the “It is not your turn. This phase is currently waiting on <name of current phase participant>” banner.
    This has been fixed; Admins will not see the banner.

  • PM2-1915 BUG FIX Newly added and edited workflow comments displayed inaccurate timestamps.

    • Comment timestamps would display correctly upon refreshing.

    • This has been fixed; comment timestamps will display correctly upon saving.

  • PM2-4787 BUG FIX A user could initiate a workflow in which the same vendor was selected as both the Primary Other Party and the Secondary Other Party.
    This has been fixed; the vendor selected as the Primary Other Party will be unavailable in the Secondary Other Party dropdown.

  • PM2-6166 BUG FIX On the initiation screen, the Contract Location field expanded to show the nodes of large organizations instead of showing a scrollbar within the field.
    This has been fixed; the scrollbar will show as expected.

  • PM2-3028 BUG FIX In the Form Phase, the Next and Go Back buttons redirected to the bottom of the next or previous page.
    This has been fixed; the Next and Go Back buttons will redirect to the top of the next of previous page.

  • PM2-5103 BUG FIX In the Form Phase, help text for an Attachment field displayed to the right of the Add Attachment button instead of below it.
    This has been fixed; help text will display below the Add Attachment button as expected.

  • PM2-6111 BUG FIX If a workflow had over 1000 groups selected in the Contract Locations field, then only 1,000 of those groups would carry over to the contract upon activation.
    This has been fixed; all selected Contract Locations will carry over as expected.


  • PM2-5598 BUG FIX In the Filter Table widget, the Archived values of Yes/No displayed as True/False.
    This has been fixed; Archived values will display as Yes/No.

  • PM2-4350 BUG FIX In the Assets tab, the default value in the Type field failed to display.
    This has been fixed; the default value will display as expected.


  • PM2-5901 BUG FIX Under Organization Management in the Custom Fields table, the Filter Table widget was not working.

    • If a filter was applied, then the table would either erroneously return no results or fail to refresh.

    • This has been fixed; the Filter Table widget will work as expected.

Time Tracking (TERMS 2.0)

  • PM2-5883 Admins can now cancel timesheets currently in the Time Entry Phase.
    Previously, cancellation was only available in the Approval and Financial Review Phases, so that an Admin would have to certify an empty timesheet before cancelling it.

    • Admins will see the Cancel ellipsis menu in the Time Entry phase.

      • The Reject Timesheet option will be hidden in the Time Entry phase because it isn’t needed.

    • Upon cancellation:

      • The timesheet status will change to Cancelled.

      • The timesheet will be unavailable in the mobile app.

  • PM2-6107 In Reporting > TERMS > Timesheets, the Total Compensation field values will display in the currency format.

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