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08/19/2021 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-8969 In a particular tenant, attempting any of the following actions shortly after a deployment would return an error:

    • Creating a profile | Initiating a workflow | Searching for a contract | Searching for a vendor

    • This has been fixed; these actions should work as expected.


  • PM2-9154 DEFECT FIX In some cases, initiating a workflow would appear to time out, returning the following error: Something went wrong initiating workflow.

    • However, the workflow would appear in the user’s worklist.

    • Attempting to open the workflow would return that same error.

    • This has been fixed; users will be able to initiate workflows as expected.

  • PM2-9167 DEFECT FIX Attempting to activate a workflow with the issue described above in PM2-9154 returned the following error: Something went wrong activating workflow.

    • The user was then redirected to the Contract Library.

    • This has been fixed; workflows should activate as expected.

  • PM2-9191 DEFECT FIX Within a workflow, renaming an attachment in the Add Attachment modal caused the upload to fail, returning the following error: Something went wrong adding a document. This has been fixed; users can upload and rename attachments as expected.

  • PM2-8827 DEFECT FIX In a particular tenant, workflows transitioned too slowly between phases. This has been fixed by simplifying the query that runs upon completing a phase; workflows will transition between phases at a reasonable speed.

  • PM2-8888 DEFECT FIX In workflows initiated on existing contracts, triggers were fired based on values imported from the contract. This has been fixed; in workflows initiated on existing contracts, triggers will only fire based on values submitted during the current workflow.

  • PM2-8837 DEFECT FIX A Phase Owner could remove a phase participant who had already completed their turn from the Participant Info list.

    • The phase participant remained in the Sequenced Participants list.

    • This has been fixed; attempting to remove a phase participant who has already completed their turn from the Participant Info list will return an error with the following message:
      Unable to delete member because they have already taken a turn in the phase.

  • PM2-8958 DEFECT FIX When uploading a new document the Negotiation Phase, neither the new document nor the updated document history date/timestamp would appear until the user manually refreshed the page. This has been fixed; the new document and its date/timestamp will automatically update as expected.

  • PM2-9200 DEFECT FIX Attempting to upload a new document in the Document Source Phase would return an error if the file name contained a “/”. This has been fixed; users can upload documents with a “/” in the file name.

  • PM2-8842 DEFECT FIX In some workflows, uploading a document in a Document Source or Negotiation Phase would return the following error in the document viewer: 504 Gateway Time-out This has been fixed; newly uploaded documents should appear in the document viewer as expected.


  • PM2-9166 DEFECT FIX In the Contract Library, filtering for an attachment by name with parentheses in the filename failed to return results. This has been fixed; attachment filenames with parentheses will no longer be excluded from results filtered by attachment filename.


  • PM2-9152 DEFECT FIX In the Custom text field under Application Settings > Email Management, apostrophes appeared as question marks. This has been fixed; apostrophes will appear as expected.

  • PM2-8884 DEFECT FIX Under Admin > Organization Management > Custom Fields, when closing the Custom Field modal, the app redirected to the bottom of the first page of custom fields, regardless of the page on which the Admin opened the Custom Field modal. This has been fixed; closing the Custom Field modal will redirect to the page on which the Custom Field modal was opened.

Time Tracking (TERMS 2.0)

  • PM2-9028 DEFECT FIX A locked timesheet that was retracted to the Time Entry Phase failed to lock on the updated certification deadline. This has been fixed; timesheets will lock on their updated certification deadlines as expected.

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