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08/26/2020 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-5846 In the Workflows tab, the column Phase Type has been added to the Manage Columns widget.

    • This column will display the current phase of each workflow.

    • The table can be sorted by the criteria in this column.

    • For completed/activated workflows, this value will be blank because it is not in an active phase.

Phase Types are already available in the Filter Table widget.

Provider Directory

  • PM2-6240 DEFECT FIX Attempting to save an edit to a provider profile would return an error.
    This has been fixed; provider profiles can be edited and saved as expected.


  • PM2-6283 DEFECT FIX The Current Phase Participant column would display the incorrect user name in some cases.

    • This issue occurred in workflows with at least one sequenced Phase Participant, in which the phase had not been started.

    • In the Current Phase Participant column of the worklist, the name of the first sequenced Phase Participant would appear instead of the Phase Owner.

    • This has been fixed; the Current Phase Participant will display the correct user name.

  • PM2-6284 DEFECT FIX When the Current Phase Participant filter was applied, the worklist would fail to display workflows in which the filtered Current Phase Participant was an Approver.
    This has been fixed; the Current Phase Participant will function as expected.


  • PM2-6178, 6229 DEFECT FIX When uploading a new version of a document, the new version would display the User Name and Date/Timestamp of the previous version.

    • The User Name and Date/Timestamp would reflect the previous document version. However, the Filename would update as expected.

    • These discrepancies were visible in the label above the document viewer and in the Document Versions accordion. However, the View History dropdown would display accurate information.

    • This has been fixed; all document version attributes will display correctly.

  • PM2-6290 BUG FIX In the Document Source Phase, none of the options for adding a document were selected.

    • By default, the option Upload from computer should be selected.

    • This has been fixed; the option Upload from computer will be selected by default.

Contract Library

  • PM2-6320 DEFECT FIX Contract Names from another organization within a single tenant were erroneously appearing in the Contract Name filter.

    • When the filter was applied for those Contract Names, they would not appear in the Contracts table.

    • This has been fixed; only Contract Names in the current organization will appear in the Contract Name filter.


  • PM2-5557 A link to the CLM Library of Standard Fields has been added to Organization Management > Manage Fields.
    This will help Admins avoid creating duplicative and/or unnecessary fields.

Time Tracking (TERMS 2.0)

  • PM2-6203 Admins can now edit the Description field in active timesheet schedules. The updated Description will appear on timesheets generated after the edit was made.
    To edit the Description field:

    • Navigate to the contract summary page > Timesheets tab > Manage Scheduled Timesheets.

    • Edit the Description field.

    • Click Save (or to discard your changes, click Cancel Edits).

The Description field cannot be updated on completed or cancelled timesheet schedules.

  • PM2-6260 DEFECT FIX When viewing timesheets from the worklist, the Certified By field in the timesheet workflow would display the wrong user.

    • When a user would view one timesheet and then another, the Certified By field value of the first timesheet would be displayed in the second timesheet.

    • This has been fixed; all field values on timesheets will refresh and display as expected.

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