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08/26/2021 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-8852 DEFECT FIX In the MediTract CLM Mail Alert X days until Expiration Date and Automatic Renewal notification, the notification showed the default number of days (30/60/90) until Auto Renewal.

    • This number failed to take into account the number entered by the user under Key Terms in the Renewal Notice Days field.

    • The Auto Renewal notifications have been updated; they will accurately reflect the default number of days plus the number of additional days entered in the Renewal Notice Days field.

  • PM2-9210 DEFECT FIX Responsible Parties received duplicate notifications.

    • The first was sent upon activation, as expected, but a second notification was sent upon activation of the Abstraction workflow.

    • This has been fixed; the system will check for updates to the Responsible Party fields before sending those notifications, so Responsible Parties will no longer receive duplicate notifications.

Vendor & Provider Directories

  • PM2-9134 DEFECT FIX For certain users, the Attachment Category dropdown failed to populate when uploading attachments to a Vendor or Provider record. This has been fixed; the Attachment Category dropdown will populate as expected.


  • PM2-9229 HOTFIX In a particular tenant, users were unable to upload new document versions within workflows. This has been fixed; users will be able to upload documents as expected.
    This item was deployed as a hot fix on 08/24/2021.

  • PM2-9194 DEFECT FIX In Request workflows, triggers failed to work.

    • All trigger types failed to fire.

    • This has been fixed; all triggers in Request workflows will work as expected.

  • PM2-9239 DEFECT FIX When a field value submitted in a Form Phase triggered a user group to be inserted in a subsequent phase, clicking Start Phase in that subsequent phase returned an error.

    • This occurred if no members of the user group had appropriate permissions, and Admin Fallback was checked for that group.

    • This has been fixed; if there is no eligible user in a group with Admin Fallback enabled, then the Admin or Phase Manager will be able to start the phase as expected, and no users from the group will be added to the phase.

  • PM2-9204 DEFECT FIX When a workflow template contained a form template in which one field was associated with a trigger to show another field, both fields failed to appear in associated workflows. This has been fixed; form fields associated with triggers will appear as expected.

  • PM2-7993 DEFECT FIX In Internet Explorer, entering dates in fields (as opposed to selecting them in the Date Picker) with two digits for the year defaulted to 19XX instead of 20XX. This has been fixed:

    • All two-digit years less than or equal to 68 will default to 20XX.

    • All two-digit years greater than 68 will default to 19XX


  • PM2-9186 DEFECT FIX When saving changes to a workflow template with triggers, updates to triggers sometimes failed to save.

    • Saving changes to triggers was a two-part process in which the previous triggers were removed, and then the updated triggers were saved. We streamlined the process so that both parts occur simultaneously.

    • This has been fixed; changes to triggers in workflow templates will save as expected.

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