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09/17/2019 Deployment Notes

Worklist & Workflows

  • PM2-3520 DEFECT FIX Sorting the worklist by Priority after updating an existing workflow’s priority to Critical status will no longer return an error.

  • PM2-3175 DEFECT FIX In workflows with digital signatures, Signatories will no longer see the Submit Signature button.

Contract Library

  • PM2-3554 DEFECT FIX In the Contract Library, auto-renewals are now generating and displaying the correct dates.


  • PM2-3636 DEFECT FIX In the Contracts tab, some saved reports are not displaying all of the saved columns. Note that many of these columns are under Additional Columns. This must be corrected in individual affected reports. To correct the issue:

    • Apply the Saved Report filter

    • Take a screenshot of Manage Columns for reference.

    • Add any missing Additional columns.

    • Click on the Workflows tab, then return to the Contracts tab.

    • Update the Existing filter.

  • PM2-3637 DEFECT FIX In the Contracts tab, saved reports including the field Contract Location are returning a blank column where that column used to be. This must be corrected in individual affected reports.

    • Apply the Saved Report filter.

    • Under Manage Columns, click Clear All.

    • Update the Existing filter.


  • PM2-3680 DEFECT FIX Permissions in groups were further consolidated.

  • PM2-3590 DEFECT FIX In the create user modal, the Admin can no longer click the Save & Manage Roles button multiple times, which would erroneously create multiple listings for the new user.

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