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09/17/2020 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-6331 BUG FIX The Phase Participant: The phase has been retracted to its beginning email notification was missing a link to the workflow.
    This has been fixed; the email notification now includes a link to the workflow.


  • PM2-6441 DEFECT FIX In Internet Explorer only, main documents and attachments with long filenames (around 100 characters, sometimes fewer if there are special characters) could not be downloaded.
    This has been fixed; users can now download main documents and attachments as expected.

We recommend that you keep filenames under 100 characters. Please note that longer filenames will be truncated upon download. This will not affect how they are displayed in the UI; only the name of the downloaded file will be affected.

  • PM2-6428 DEFECT FIX In a workflow template with a trigger to add and sequence a User Group, the trigger would add the User Group but fail to sequence a member.
    This has been fixed; triggers to add and sequence User Groups now work as expected.


  • PM2-6456 DEFECT FIX For a user with the Contract Moderator role, the Contract Location would fail to load on the contract summary page of an active contract.
    This has been fixed; Contract Moderators can now view contracts as expected.

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