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10/21/2020 Deployment Notes

Vendor & Provider Directories

  • PM2-6434 BUG FIX If a user edited fields and deleted an attachment in an Exclusion Verification record, then the field edits would fail to save. This has been fixed; field edits will save as expected.


  • PM2-6690 BUG FIX On the contract summary page, edits made to numeric fields would fail to save. This has been fixed; numeric field edits will save as expected.


  • PM2-6770 DEFECT FIX Edits made to user permissions would fail to save.

    • The Update Permissions button would fail to respond, but it would return a blank background error.

    • This has been fixed; edits to permissions will save as expected.

  • PM2-6447 DEFECT FIX In the Add Group Members table, the cursor would erroneously change to a hand cursor when hovering over the blank area to the right of the checkboxes. This has been fixed; the cursor will remain an arrow as expected.

  • PM2-6667 If changes to a user’s permissions will affect any workflow templates, then the Admin making the changes will have the option to receive a list of the affected workflow templates.

    • This will make it easier to review and edit workflow templates affected by changes to user permissions.

    • If an Admin saves changes to a user’s permissions that will affect workflow templates, then they’ll see a confirmation modal listing the workflow templates that will be affected by the permissions change.

    • To receive a list of those templates via email, the Admin can check the box labeled: Receive a list of all Workflow Templates for reference.

Email Text:

Dear [Recipient first name],

The following workflow templates have [user name] added. Please review and make the necessary updates based on the changes to the contract permissions.

[List the Workflow Templates with the user assigned.]


There is a documented issue with the email listing workflow templates affected by permissions. We are working on a solution, which we will deploy as soon as possible:
PM2-6779 BUG FIX If a user permission set is deleted (as opposed to edited), then the email will not be sent.

Time Tracking (TERMS 2.0)

  • PM2-6453 BUG FIX On the contract summary page, within the Timesheets table, a checkbox for a blank row would erroneously appear in the Manage Columns widget. This has been fixed; the blank row will no longer appear.

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