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10/27/2020 Deployment Notes

Full Text Search

  • PM2-6780 The new Clear button to the right of the full text search bar (in the top right corner within the app) will allow users to clear the bar of text with a single click.
    This will save them the trouble of highlighting and then deleting, or backspacing, what they’ve typed in the search bar.

The Clear button will only appear after you’ve entered text in the search bar.

  • PM2-6384 The new X in the top right corner of the “No results” message for full text search will clearly indicate how to dismiss the message. To dismiss the “No results message”, click the X in the top right corner.


  • PM2-6583 BUG FIX Within a workflow, certain form fields with default values could not be cleared of those default values.

    • This affected fields with the following input types: Integer | Decimal | Dropdown

    • This has been fixed; default field values can now be cleared.


  • PM2-6805 DEFECT FIX Attempting to select a Responsible Party would return an error. This has been fixed; Responsible Parties can now be selected.


  • PM2-6779 BUG FIX If a user permission set was deleted (as opposed to edited), then the email listing affected workflow templates would not be sent. This has been fixed; the email will be sent as expected. 

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