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11/06/2019 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-3980 DEFECT FIX In initiation, the Location dropdown will no longer retain the locations selected in a previously initiated workflow.

  • PM2-3978 DEFECT FIX When the same form template is used to initiate two back-to-back workflows, the radio buttons will no longer erroneously retain the selections made in the first workflow.

  • PM2-3841 DEFECT FIX When a user whose current setting is Away is added to a Participant Sequence, an asterisk will appear next to their name, and when the cursor is hovered over their name, an Out of Office tag will appear.

  • PM2-3041 DEFECT FIX When entering a reason for retracting a phase and then canceling the retraction, the Reason field will no longer erroneously retain that text in the Reason field.

Contract Library

  • PM2-3883 DEFECT FIX In a contract file, in the Assets tab and the asset detail modal, the field that was erroneously labeled Department will now read Location.


  • PM2-3951 In the workflow template builder, in the add new workflow template modal, the Next button will be unavailable until a location has been selected.

  • PM2-2841 DEFECT FIX In the approved language library, the protections against duplicate names will no longer be case-sensitive, i.e. you can no longer save a duplicate name by entering the same name, but in all lower-case letters.

  • PM2-3106 DEFECT FIX In the approved language library, the Last Modified column is no longer missing from the table.

  • PM2-3147 DEFECT FIX In the document template library, the Created By field in the Filter widget will now function properly.

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