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11/12/2020 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-6823 DEFECT FIX In some cases, abstraction workflows were erroneously linked to multiple contracts.

    • This occurred because the abstraction workflow names weren’t sufficiently unique.

    • To prevent this from happening in the future, we removed the uniqueness constraint on workflow names; the existence of unique workflow IDs makes that constraint unnecessary.

    • Each abstraction workflow will associate with the contract from which it was initiated.

  • PM2-6894 DEFECT FIX A script was created and executed to rectify the abstraction workflows affected by the problem described in PM2-6823. This has been fixed; the affected abstraction workflows are now only associated with the contracts from which they were initiated.

  • PM2-6947 BUG FIX Abstraction workflows failed to assign to a Phase Owner. This has been fixed; abstractions workflows will be assigned to a Phase Owner.

Account Settings

  • PM2-6845 BUG FIX If a user opened Account Settings, then navigated to the Notifications tab, and clicked Save without making changes, this would return an error, and the modal would fail to close. This has been fixed; clicking Save will no longer return an error, and the modal will close as expected.


  • PM2-6895 In Reporting > Users, the columns First Name and Last Name are now available.

    • First Name and Last Name can be filtered and sorted separately.

    • First Name and Last Name will replace Name as default columns.

    • Name is still available in the Filter Table and Manage Columns widgets.

  • PM2-6884 DEFECT FIX Custom field data failed to appear in scheduled reports. This has been fixed; custom field data will appear in all applicable reports.

  • PM2-6930 BUG FIX Contract names and workflow names failed to appear in scheduled reports. This has been fixed; contract and workflow names will appear in all applicable reports.


  • PM2-6869 DEFECT FIX Declined reviews and approvals failed to display in the Phase & Participant Info popover that appears when hovering over an (info) in the worklist.

    • The indicator circle to the left of the Phase Participant’s name remained blank.

    • This only occurred in the worklist. In the Participant Sequence panel, a (error) appeared as expected.

    • This has been fixed; a (error) will appear next to the name of any Phase Participant who declined.


  • PM2-6470 BUG FIX When initiating a workflow, it was possible to list only the Organization (top) node as the Contract Location, resulting in a workflow and contract with no Contract Location.

    • Although the system prevents a user from selecting only the Organization node, it was possible to circumvent this by clicking Yes in the modal asking, “Do you want to add all locations below this?” and then deleting all those child nodes.

    • This has been fixed; users can no longer initiate workflow in which no child node of the Org has been selected.

Contract Library

  • PM2-6918 DEFECT FIX When initiating a new workflow on an existing contract, attachments selected for import into a new workflow were duplicated in the contract file once the workflow was activated. This has been fixed; imported attachments will no longer be duplicated in the contract file.


  • PM2-6843 BUG FIX Under Admin > Organization Management > Custom Fields, when the Admin deleted a custom field, one delete confirmation modal would appear, then it would change to another modal.

    • The delete confirmation modal is designed to differ based on the following criteria:

      • If the custom field has not been added to any forms yet, a delete confirmation message is displayed.

      • If the custom field has been added to form templates but is not on active workflows, then the user is alerted that the custom field will be removed from the form template.

      • If the custom field is on contracts or active workflows, then the user is alerted that it cannot be deleted.

    • This has been fixed; the appropriate delete confirmation modal will appear and remain until the user interacts with it.

  • PM2-6942 DEFECT FIX In some cases, attempting save changes to add, edit, or delete a permissions set within a user profile returned an error. This has been fixed; updates to permissions sets will save as expected.

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