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12/20/2019 Deployment Notes


  • PM2-4187 DEFECT FIX Hidden fields in a form template would result in blank areas in corresponding workflows. This has been fixed; hidden fields will no longer cause blank areas in workflows.

  • PM2-4193 DEFECT FIX In the Activation Phase, the Internal Signatories dropdown would erroneously display deactivated users. This has been fixed; only active users will be displayed in the Internal Signatories dropdown.

Contract Library

  • PM2-4342 A new backend toggle will hide the Compliance tab in the Contract Summary Page.

    • This will give a cleaner UI experience to organizations that prefer to handle compliance questions using Custom Fields.

    • The default for this toggle is ON; the Compliance tab will be displayed by default.

    • When the toggle is OFF, the Compliance tab will be hidden.


  • PM2-4184 DEFECT FIX In the form template builder, clicking Cancel in the Manage Field Triggers modal would erroneously redirect to the Edit Section modal. This has been fixed; clicking the Cancel button in the Manage Field Triggers modal will now redirect to the Edit Form Template modal.

  • PM2-4192 DEFECT FIX In the form template builder, attempting to add a trigger to a multi-select field would return an error. This has been fixed; triggers can now be successfully added to multi-select fields.

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