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2022.2.3 Minor Release Notes

These items were released to production on October 4th, 2022.


Global Search

  • FEATURE 559249 Enhance global searching for exact match.
    The search engine will return exact matches for all search terms. For example, if you enter “Blake Smith,” the results returned will include both Blake and Smith. Results that only include “Blake” or “Smith” will be excluded.


Global Search

  • SUPPORT DEFECT 526969 Global search failed to include results from documents and attachments that had undergone OCR.
    This has been fixed; global search results will include results from documents and attachments that have undergone OCR.

Vendor Directory

  • BUG FIX 509385 Vendors that were listed as Secondary Other Parties on workflows were missing those workflows in the Workflow Activity tab of the vendor record.
    This has been fixed; the Workflow Activity tab will list workflows on which the vendor is the Secondary Other Party, as expected.


  • DEFECT FIX 507837 In a Negotiation Phase using open review, the in-app document editor failed to show the most recent changes to the document, instead showing the most recent version under View History.
    This has been fixed; the most recent changes to the document will be visible in the in-app document editor, as expected.

  • BUG FIX 545547 When a user declined to sign via DocuSign, the Submit button was available in the workflow.
    This has been fixed; the Submit button will be hidden when a user has declined to sign via DocuSign, as expected.

  • BUG FIX 545595 The following options were missing from the ellipse menu when an Admin or Phase Owner accessed a workflow: Skip Participant, Retract Phase, Reassign Workflow
    This has been fixed; the aforementioned options will be available for Admins and Phase Owners, as expected.

  • BUG FIX 562406 The cancellation reason banner only appeared in tenants with the Conflict Capture toggle switched on, regardless of the workflow type
    This has been fixed; the cancellation reason banner will appear on any cancelled workflow, as expected.

  • DEFECT FIX 559068 The application failed to auto-retrieve completed signatures from DocuSign; the Phase Owner or Admin had to click Check Status to retrieve DocuSign signatures.
    This has been fixed; the application will auto-retrieve completed signatures from DocuSign, as expected.


  • DEFECT FIX 555520 Users with the Editor role were unable to change the Responsible Party of a contract.
    This has been fixed; Editors will be able to change the Responsible Party on a contract, as expected.

  • DEFECT FIX 511185 The Upload New Document button was visible on Documents tab of the contract summary page.
    This has been fixed; the Upload New Document button is no longer available, as expected.


  • BUG FIX 533237 In the form template builder, the warning modal for saving changes failed to appear when a user navigated away from the section they were editing, resulting in lost changes.
    This has been fixed; the warning modal will appear, as expected.

  • BUG FIX 538487 When a user opened a user group details page, returning to the user groups list, then opening another user group details page, the page erroneously listed members of the previously viewed user group.
    This has been fixed; the user group details page will list the appropriate group members, as expected.

  • BUG FIX 548054 Under Admin > Application Settings > Classification Management > Document and Attachment Categories, a user could edit a document/attachment category that was already in use.
    This has been fixed; if a user attempts to edit a document/attachment category that is already in use, they’ll see a warning modal.

Conflict Capture

  • BUG FIX 561481 The Return to Campaigns button was visible but non-functional.
    This has been fixed; clicking Return to Campaigns will return the user to the campaigns list, as expected.

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