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2023.1.4 Minor Release Notes

These items were released to production on April 12th, 2023.


Workflows & Worklist

  • When initiating an amend workflow on an existing contract, the Contract Description field value failed to carry into the workflow. [723760]
    This has been fixed; the Contract Description field value will carry from an existing contract into an amend workflow.

  • When a user attempted to tag another user in a private comment on a workflow, a visual defect caused the usernames to appear at the top of the screen. [645061]
    This has been fixed; usernames will appear at the comment tab.

  • In an open review Negotiation Phase, the Decline Review and Submit Review buttons failed to disable after the participant declined or submitted their review. [718156]
    This has been fixed; once a participant declines or submits their review, those buttons will be unavailable until the participant clicks inside the document editor.

  • In a tenant where the executive summary is turned off, an executive summary erroneously generated after the DocuSign Signature Phase was retracted to the beginning of that same phase. [709786]
    This has been fixed; the executive summary will not appear upon retraction.

  • In a workflow based on a workflow template in which the Executive summary setting is Do not save, starting the Signature Phase returned a Something went wrong getting the document URL error. [563308]

    • Refreshing the page would clear the error.

    • This occurred in both ink and DocuSign Signature Phases.

This has been fixed; starting the Signature Phase will no longer return the error.

  • Under the following circumstances, attempting to retract a workflow to the beginning of a Signature Phase using DocuSign returned an error [727013]:

    • The retraction was attempted while waiting for signatures.

    • The Phase Owner had been triggered into the same phase with another role.
      This has been fixed; retraction will work as expected.


  • A Phase Manager was receiving errant notifications that an Admin was completing their workflow tasks when the user was actually completing them. [709655]
    This has been fixed; errant notifications will no longer be sent.

Global Search

  • In a particular tenant, global search failed to return results from contracts and attachments that had already been indexed for OCR. [707000]
    This has been fixed; global searching will return results for indexed documents.


  • Abstraction workflows were visible to non-abstraction users in the Reporting > Workflows tab. [729013]
    This has been fixed; abstraction workflows will be hidden from non-abstraction users.

  • In the Reporting > Vendors tab, the Excel file exported via scheduled reporting was empty. [605577]
    This has been fixed; scheduled reports will contain applicable data.

User Directory

  • In the user directory, a visual defect in the date picker appeared under the following conditions [716720]:

    • The Last Login filter was applied with a fixed date range.

    • The user attempted to select a different date.

This has been fixed; the date picker will appear as expected.

  • Abstraction users were visible in Conflict Capture setup and Pulse Check participant setup (both on a contract and in a campaign). [713681]
    This has been fixed; abstraction users will be hidden.


  • In Admin > Organization Management > Custom Fields, some fields were listed multiple times in the table. [710312]

    • Upon attempting to update one of the duplicated fields, the modal listing affected forms and workflows was inaccurate.

This has been fixed; the custom fields table will no longer list false duplicates and the modal listing affected forms and workflows will be accurate.

Contract Library

  • The * operator failed to return results in keyword search. For example, typing “radio*” should’ve returned results such as radiology. [712477]
    This has been fixed; the * operator will return results in keyword search.

Time Tracking

  • If a timesheet had three or more Approvers, only some of those Approvers received notifications. [736216]
    This has been fixed; all in-app and email notifications will be sent for timesheets with three or more approvers.

  • In a timesheet with multiple timesheet activities, the min/max setting on one activity was erroneously applied to other timesheet activities that had no min/max settings. [722412]
    This has been fixed; min/max settings will only apply to designated timesheet activities.

  • In the Reporting > Timesheets tab, clicking on the provider name failed to open the provider record. [728397]
    This has been fixed; clicking on the provider name will open the provider record.

  • In the Reporting > Timesheets tab, when two particular saved filters were applied, the Timesheet Name and Provider fields were missing, both in the UI and upon export. [724134]
    This has been fixed; applying filters will no longer cause missing fields.

  • In the Reporting > Timesheets tab, when a saved filter was applied to a scheduled report, the Cost Center Number and Vendor Ref # field values were missing, both in the UI and upon export. [711636]
    This has been fixed; applying filters will no longer cause missing field values in scheduled reports.

Conflict Capture

  • In the form template builder, attempting to add a new section to a Conflict Capture General Info form template returned an error. [728413]
    This has been fixed; Admins will be to add new sections to all form templates.

Vendor Pulse Check

  • Users created via Manage participants failed to appear in the campaign. [719067]
    This has been fixed; newly created users will be added to campaigns as expected.

  • In the Reporting > Pulse Check tab, custom fields added to the report via the Additional Columns widget were missing their values in the exported report. [722454]
    This has been fixed; custom field values in the report will be exported.

  • In a particular campaign, the initiator email showed the wrong campaign duration. [509032]
    This has been fixed; the correct campaign duration will appear in all applicable notifications.

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