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2023.2.3 Minor Release Notes

These items were released to production on August 16th, 2023.


Workflows & Worklist

Update to Upload New Version Button [738307]

Admins and Phase Owners/Mediators: We've added a safeguard to the Upload New Version button to prevent a user from uploading a new document version while the current sequenced participant is editing the current version of the document. During a sequenced participant's turn, that current sequenced participant is the only user who will see the button. 

 Admins, Phase Owners, and Phase Mediators will only see the button under the following conditions:

  • Before the phase has started. 

  • After the phase has started if there are no sequenced participants. 

  • After all participants have completed their turns.

If an Admin or Phase Owner/Mediator needs to upload a new document version during a phase, they can sequence themselves into the workflow.


Workflows & Worklist

  • An active phase participant (Reviewer or Approver) who also had the role of Phase Owner could cancel a workflow where they were an active phase participant but not the current Phase Owner. [754136]
    This has been fixed; only an Admins or the current Phase Owners can cancel a workflow.

  • In a Negotiation Phase, the order in which triggered phase participants were sequenced differed from the order specified on the workflow template. [616099]
    This has been fixed; triggered phase participants will be sequenced in the order specified on the workflow template.

  • A user could tag a user in a workflow comment even though the tagged user lacked permissions to access that workflow, i.e.e they were not a current phase participant, Admin, or Workflow Moderator. [766830]
    This has been fixed; users can only tag users with sufficient permissions in workflow comments.

  • Workflows with more than one Site or Department were filtered incorrectly. [772813]

    • Filtering by one Site or Department excluded multi-Site and Department workflows that included the filtered Site or Department.

    • This has been fixed; filtering by one Site or Department will include applicable multi-Site and Department workflows.

  • An inactive Contract Category was visible when initiating a workflow. [760455]
    This has been fixed; inactive Contract Categories will be hidden during workflow initiation.

  • Uploading a new version of a document opened the Edit Attachment popup instead of the New Document popup. [772127]
    This has been fixed; uploading a new version will open the New Document popup.


  • When exporting a filtered Pulse Check report (Explore > Reporting > Pulse Check) by data in an additional column (i.e., not a default column), the filter failed to apply to the exported file. [762576]
    This has been fixed; filters will apply to exported files.

  • When going to Explore > Reporting > Attachments after having copied an attachment link (via Copy Link button) in a workflow and then pasting it in a new tab, the Attachment modal for the copied attachment link would open over the Reporting > Attachments tab. [761524]
    This has been fixed; going to Explore > Reporting > Attachments will open the Attachments tab in Reporting, as expected.

  • Under View History, attempting to download a previous version yielded mixed results [774630]:

    • If the current version was a PDF, attempting to download a previous DOCX version returned the error, We can’t open this file. Something went wrong.

    • If the current version was a DOCX, the correct, historical downloaded document opened, but incorrectly showed the current document name.

This has been fixed; downloading a previous version via View History will work as expected.

Contract Library

  • The Activated Date timestamp on the contract summary paged differed from the timestamp on the workflow. [772213]
    This has been fixed; the timestamps match.


  • Attempting to copy a specific workflow template would return an error. [752540]
    This has been fixed; the workflow template can be copied as expected.

  • Attempting to copy a form template would overwrite the existing form template instead of copying the original form template. [767782]
    This has been fixed; form templates can be copied as expected.

  • A document template with a single Contract Type can be added to workflow template with a different single Contract Type. [780723]
    This has been fixed; document templates can only be added to workflow templates if they share at least one Contract Type.

  • A single custom field had duplicate values, which prevented an Admin from saving changes to a workflow template containing the custom field. [728614]
    This has been fixed; duplicate values have been removed so that workflow templates containing the field can be edited and saved.

  • When an Admin changed a user group member’s role to External Party and then removed that role and restored their original roles, the following issues occurred [759792]:

    • Although the group member count on the User Groups table showed the group member had been added back to the group, the group member count on the individual user group screen differed, indicating the member had not been added back to the group.

    • The group member’s name was also missing from the individual user group screen.

This has been fixed; restoring a user group member’s original role(s) after changing the role to External Party will restore the user’s group membership.

  • When editing the permission set for a user with the External Party role, the role was missing from the Roles dropdown. [760813]
    This has been fixed; the role will appear in the Roles dropdown.

  • When editing the Contract Permissions for a user, the Assign Users dropdown failed to populate. [774633]
    This has been fixed; the Assign Users dropdown will populate as expected.

Time Tracking

  • On timesheets with multiple Approvers, only the last Approver could access the ellipsis menu. [759427]

    • This prevented other Approvers from rejecting or retracting timesheets.

    • This has been fixed; all Approvers can access the ellipsis menu.

Vendor Pulse Check

  • When a user edited an active campaign, the Send Date in the Send History changed from the date sent to the date edited. [7599696]

    • This has been fixed; editing an active campaign will no longer change the Send Date.

    • As a part of this fix, the Repeat Frequency field can no longer be edited in an active campaign.

  • If a Pulse Check survey was submitted with one or more questions missing a response, then attempting to retract the workflow would return the error, Something went wrong requesting workflow. [756849]
    This has been fixed; retraction works as expected regardless of whether all questions have responses.

  • In a single campaign for multiple contracts, the following emails erroneously referenced the same, single contract in both the email subject and body [754115]:

    • Survey started for

    • Invitation to review survey for

    • Please respond to survey for

This has been fixed; each individual email will reference the correct contract.

  • If a campaign was created with the current date as the start date, the Survey Iteration field in the Campaigns table failed to populate. [770192]
    This has been fixed; the Survey Iteration field will populate as expected.

  • For campaigns with a Repeat Frequency and After X Occurrences selected, the campaign End Date was erroneously calculated based on the Duration and the number of occurrences instead of the Repeat Frequency and number of occurrences. [754073]
    This has been fixed; the End Date will be calculated based on the Repeat Frequency and number of occurrences, where applicable.

  • Neither in-app (bell) nor email notifications were sent to Reviewers to notify them that they had surveys ready to review. [644034]
    This has been fixed; Reviewer notifications will be sent.

  • The 15 and 30-day upcoming surveys emails will no longer be sent. They were artifacts from the original Vendor Pulse Check. [759776]

  • The email notification Survey Moderator/Reviewer: You have been added to a campaign email erroneously stated the the user had been removed from a campaign. [772564]
    This has been fixed; the email will state that the recipient has been added to a campaign.

  • The Moderator or reviewer is removed from a contract in campaign email was missing from the system. [772567]
    This has been fixed; this email will be sent, and it can be managed (by Super Admins) in the Email Management area.

  • Adding a participant to a contract in a scheduled campaign caused the surveys to be sent on the date the participant was added instead of the scheduled Start Date. [760790]
    This has been fixed; surveys will be sent on the scheduled Start Date.

  • In the Pulse Check table (Explore > Pulse Check), sorting by End Date yielded incorrect results. [760638]
    This has been fixed; sorting by End date will work as expected.

  • In the Pulse Check table (Explore > Pulse Check), filtering by End Date yielded incorrect results. [760638]
    This has been fixed; filtering by End date will work as expected.

  • When exporting a Pulse Check campaign table (Explore > Pulse Check > Pending Campaign) that included the Reviewers and Respondents column, both columns appeared in the exported file but the all the field values were missing. [764846]
    This has been fixed; all data in the table will export as expected.

  • When a user attempted to retract a survey, the Reject Survey popup failed to open, although the survey would be retracted. [767310]
    This has been fixed; selecting Retract in the ellipsis (thee dot) menu will open the popup as expected.

Conflict Capture

  • If the user refreshes the campaign page, then the user names will disappear from the Participant Info table. [778977]
    This has been fixed; participant names will appear on the refreshed page.

  • In campaigns opened directly from a URL (as opposed to Explore > Conflict Capture), user names in the Participant Info table and Add Participants dropdown failed to populate. [777876]
    This has been fixed; the Participant Info table and Add Participants dropdown will populate.

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