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2023.2.5 Minor Release Notes

This item was released to production on September 6th, 2023.


Workflows & Worklist

In some cases, scanned documents failed to display if the user navigated away from and then returned to the workflow page. [824910]

  • This has been fixed; newly added documents will appear in the document viewer as expected.

  • To recover the visibility of previously scanned documents, users have two options:

    • Re-upload the documents.

    • Contact symplr Support for assistance. You’ll need to provide a list of affected workflows and document names.

This fix is part of a larger issue that we are currently working to resolve. The following functionalities are temporarily not working:

  • The ability to search scanned documents in the document viewer

  • The ability to copy the text overlay from scanned documents in the document viewer

Note that global search is unaffected by this issue.

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