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2023.2 Release Notes

These items were released to production on June 6th, 2023.


Time Tracking

Ability to Replace Approvers and Financial Reviewers on Active Timesheets [444410]

This functionality is restricted to Admins and Super Admins.

  • You’ll be able to edit active Approvers and Financial Reviewers on active timesheets. [444530]

    • Updates can be applied to active and completed timesheet schedule configs, so long as there are active timesheets.

    • If the timesheet schedule config is complete (i.e., the last timesheet was generated) and there are no active timesheets, then it cannot be updated. 

    • If there are multiple Approvers on a timesheet, then the last Approver functions as the Phase Owner. Therefore, if the only incomplete approval on a timesheet is the last approval, then that last Approver cannot be removed unless another Approver is added.

    • If the Approver or Financial Reviewer has already completed their review, then they cannot be removed or updated on an active timesheet.

    • Notifications will be routed to the appropriate users. If a user attempts to access a timesheet from which they’ve been removed via in-app (bell) notification, they’ll see the following error message:
      You do not currently have the necessary permissions to view this workflow. Please contact your Administrator for further details if needed.

  • When an Approver or Financial Reviewer is updated on a timesheet, the change will be recorded in the timesheet’s workflow history, and all Approvers on the timesheet will be notified of the change via email and in-app (bell) notification. [445313]

    • The following information will be recorded:

      • Date and time stamp

      • First and last name of user who made the change

      • Participant updated (first and last name and user role)

  • Under Manage Timesheet Schedule on scheduled timesheets, several labels will be updated. [461903]

    • The Configure Future Timesheets label will be added.

    • Approvers will be updated to Future Timesheet Approvers.

    • Financial Reviewers will be updated to Future Financial Reviewers.

    • These labels will only apply to scheduled timesheets, not new timesheets.

  • The Configure Active Timesheets section will list all timesheets in the Time Entry, Approval, or Financial Review Phase so that you can update the Approver and/or Financial Reviewer on each timesheet. [461931]

  • Under Manage Timesheet Schedule, the new Configure Active Timesheets section will list all active timesheets. [605194]

    • The UI will allow you to update Approvers and Financial Reviewers.

    • Locked timesheets will appear in this section once they have been unlocked.


Vendor Pulse Check

Prevent users from editing campaigns during task generation. [706947]

If the campaign is still initiating, alert the user that the campaign cannot be edited. This will prevent workflows from failing due to edits made during campaign initiation. [705952]

  • If the start date is the current date and the campaign has not finished initiating: 

    • Upon opening the campaign, the user will see a banner reading: The surveys must finish generating before any edits can be made. Try again in a few minutes.

    • All fields on the campaign will be read-only.

    • In the campaigns table, the Cancel button will be hidden for the initiating campaign.

  • Once initiation is complete, the banner will disappear and the user can edit or cancel the campaign.



  • In the email notifying a Phase Manager that an Admin activated the phase, the URL in the email referenced the workflow but linked to the resulting contract. [728613]
    This line has been removed from the email, as Phase Managers have no inherent access to contract summary pages.


  • Under Reporting > Attachments, filtering by Attachment Category Type = Exclusion returned any attachment category type containing the word “Exclusion.” [742579]
    This has been fixed; the Attachment Category Type filter will work as expected.


  • On workflows with the Action Type of Renew, the Primary Other Party was excluded from the workflow name. [616961]
    This has been fixed; workflows will include the Primary Other Party in the workflow name, as expected.

  • A Phase Owner was able to complete a phase without a triggered participant having completed their turn, despite the workflow template being configured to prevent skipping participants. [748284]
    This has been fixed; the system will prevent the Phase Owner from skipping triggered participants if the workflow template is configured to prevent skipping participants.

  • In the approve request modal, all Contract Types appeared in the dropdown.
    This has been fixed; the Contract Types dropdown will only list those that have an active workflow template compatible with the selected location nodes. [748347]


  • On the contract summary pages, when tagging a user in a comment, the menu bar partially obscured the users list. [740213]
    This has been fixed; the users list will appear as expected when tagging a user in a comment.


  • In the provider directory, a user was unable to delete the expiration date from an attachment on a vendor record. [741735]
    This has been fixed; users with appropriate permissions will be able to delete expiration dates from attachments, as expected.


  • If an Admin/Super Admin removed all organizations from a vendor record, the message Please select at least one organization failed to appear. [730851]
    This has been fixed; the message will appear as expected.

  • Under Admin > Application Settings > Email Management, dragging and dropping an attachment opened the wrong attachment modal. [730322]
    This has been fixed; the appropriate attachment modal will open upon drag-and-drop.

  • Under Admin > Application Settings > Email Management, pressing Revert failed to revert the email template to the original version. [734070]
    This has been fixed; the Revert button will work as expected.

  • Under Admin > Organization Management > Form Templates, newly created form templates with the form type Executive Summary were listed as having the form type of Default. [734778]
    This has been fixed; Executive Summary form templates will appear as having the the form type Executive Summary.

  • For recently edited display names for locations, the most recent edits failed to appear in the Locations fields in the following places [651885]:

    • Filter Table widgets

    • Explore > Contracts

    • Explore > Reporting

This has been fixed; recent edits to display names for locations appear as expected.

Time Tracking

  • Under Reporting > Timesheets, timesheets with multiple Approvers listed only one Approver. [727983]
    This has been fixed; timesheet reports will list all Approvers as expected.

  • Under Reporting > Timesheets, filtering for All Approvers returned no results. [732008]
    This has been fixed; filtering for All Approvers will return valid results as expected.

  • In scheduled reports configured under Reporting > Timesheets, the Cost Center and Vendor Reference # field values were blank. [753756]
    This has been fixed; those fields will populate as expected.

  • Under Admin > Timesheet Management > Timesheet Type, Manage Column, the Last Modified and Last Modified By field values were blank. [734401]
    This has been fixed; those fields will populate as expected.

Vendor Pulse Check

  • Contract summary fields could not be edited on contracts with active Pulse Check surveys. [727005]
    This has been fixed; contract summary fields can be edited as expected.

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