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2023.3.2 Minor Release Notes

These items were released to production on Tuesday, December 12th.


Workflows & Contract Library

In some tenants, PDFs expanded from 8.5” x 11” to 17.71” x 22.9” image size after being uploaded to a workflow or contract and undergoing OCR. [865850]

  • We are temporarily turning off the part of this functionality that is causing the issue. 

  • This will render scanned PDFs uploaded after this release unsearchable within the PDF viewer. (Global search will still work on scanned PDFs.)

  • In a future release, we'll fix the issue with expanding PDFs and make scanned PDFs searchable again.

Time Tracking

  • For new vendors/providers and existing vendors/providers with active timesheets, the (Timesheet) Reporter field failed to populate on the Add New Timesheet tab under the Timesheet Config. [859776]
    This has been fixed; the (Timesheet) Reporter field will populate when adding a new timesheet.

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