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Alpine Release Notes

These items were deployed to production on the morning of Friday, June 28th, 2019.

Worklist & Contract Library

  • PM2-2607, PM2-2608 In the filters widget, the Contract Location filters have been split into the following, allowing for more specific reporting: Site, Department, Contract Entity
    For added convenience, each of these filters has an Any/All toggle, allowing users to search for multiple field values in different ways:

    • Filtering for ALL will return results that contain all of the selected values. This is for fields that potentially have more than one value.

    • Filtering for ANY will return results that contain any of the selected values.


  • PM2-2877 In the organizational tree, if you remove a parent location node, then all its children will automatically be removed as well. This will prevent invalid locations from persisting in the workflows.

  • PM2-2980 In the Add Document From Template Library modal, the Workflow Template dropdown label has been corrected to read Document Template

  • PM2-2861 The UI in the activation phase has been reworked to allow easier capture of important information, negating the need for the phase owner to download documents in a separate application just to complete key terms.

    • The document viewer pane on the page will facilitate in-browser review of executed documents;

    • The new Key Terms accordion will contain the following fields:
      Asterisks denote required fields.

      • Internal Signatory*

      • Other Party Signatory*

      • Original Term* (This is a free-text field with a 10,000-character limit.)

      • Effective Date*

      • Expiration Date*

      • Auto Renewal* (Yes/No)

      • Renewal Terms Months* (Enter a number.)

      • Evergreen* (Yes/No)

      • Renewal Times* (Enter a number. This field is hidden if Evergreen=Yes.)


  • PM2-2221 To save admins the trouble of creating multiple records for a single document template, a single document template can now be associated with multiple contract types.

  • PM2-3016 For clarity, the Groups dropdown option in the Admin menu will be renamed User Groups.

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