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Iron Mountain Release Notes

These items were deployed to production the morning of Thursday, March 5th, 2020.

Account Settings

PM2-3973 Users will be able to select their own proxies.
  • Although any user in the organization can be selected as a preferred proxy, only users with appropriate permissions will be assigned as proxies.

  • If multiple preferred proxies have appropriate permissions, then proxy selection will defer to the order set up by the user.

  • If none of the selected proxies have appropriate permissions for a particular proxyship, then a user who has appropriate permissions will be selected at random.

To select one or more preferred proxies:

  • Navigate to the Time Away Settings tab under Account Settings.

  • To the right of Preferred Proxies, click (Manage).

  • In the modal, select a user.

    • To add another user, click + Add Preferred Proxy, then select another.PM2-4751 You can select as many users as you like, but you can only select each user once.

    • To remove a user, click the red trash can to the right of the user name.

    • To reorder users, drag and drop by the three-line icon to the left of the user name.

  • When finished, click Save.

The Assign proxies while I’m away? toggle must be on and Time Away dates must be entered for proxyship to occur.


PM2-4256 DEFECT FIX An Admin would be notified that a Vendor or Provider had been added to the directory even when the Admin performed the action herself.
  • This has been fixed; the Admin who adds a Vendor or Provider to the directory will no longer receive email or in-app (bell) notifications regarding the addition.

  • Admins for the organization who did not add the Vendor or Provider will continue to receive email and in-app (bell) notifications.

PM2-4484 When a user is tagged/mentioned (@) in a comment, they will receive an email notification of the comment.
  • The email will be sent to the email address in the user’s profile.

  • External party users will receive notifications if they are tagged.

  • The email will link to the relevant workflow or contract.


[Workflow Name or Contract Name] - you were mentioned by [first and last names of user who made comment]


Dear [Recipient first name],

You have been mentioned in a comment by [first and last name of user who made comment] on the following [“workflow” / “contract” / “vendor profile” / “provider profile”]: [Workflow Name, Contract Name, Vendor Name, or Provider Name]

Please access the link to view the message.

Please note this is not an unsolicited corporate email. You are receiving this TractManager email alert because you are listed as the message recipient for the [“workflow” or “contract” depending] referred to in this email.

CONFIDENTIAL: The content of this electronic mail message and any accompanying attachments contain information from TractManager, Inc. (“Company”) which is confidential. The information is intended only for the use of the individual or entity named on this email. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution or the taking of any action in reliance on the contents of this email is strictly prohibited, and that the email should be returned to the Company immediately, and then destroyed from all of your computer systems.

PM2-4683 Several refinements have been applied to the notifications for being tagged/mentioned (@) in a comment.
  • When a comment in which a user was originally tagged is edited to tag additional users, only the newly tagged users will receive notifications.

  • In-app (bell) notifications will contain more information:
    You have been mentioned in the <workflow/contract/vendor profile/provider profile> <name> by <first last>.


PM2-4547 Contract Name will be added as a default column in the Workflows tab under Reporting.
  • To remove it, uncheck Contract Name in the Manage Columns widget.

  • Contract Name will be available as a Filter option as well.

PM2-4714 When a numeric field is added as a column in the Workflows or Contracts tab, any formatting applied to the field (such as decimal places or the dollar sign) will be displayed.

PM2-2121 DEFECT FIX Applying a large number of filters would obscure the Saved Report section from view.

This has been fixed; the text of applied filter names will now wrap as expected.


PM2-4797 In the form phase, users will be able to print the form or save it as a PDF.
  • To print a form, click the printer icon in the top right corner of the form.

  • The printed form will include the information in the workflow header (Location, Primary Other Party, Contract Type, etc.), form field names and values, and tooltips, URLs, and form instructions.

PM2-4053 When a user is added to a participant sequence by a trigger, then the user’s name and role will appear in the Workflow History accordion.

Previously, only the user’s email address was displayed in the workflow history. Displaying the first name, last name, and role is more consistent with how users are listed throughout the UI.

Contract Library

PM2-4799 DEFECT FIX Clicking the Include Inactive Contracts toggle would return an error.

This has been fixed; the contracts list will load as expected, regardless of the toggle status.

PM2-4813 DEFECT FIX Attempting to save updates to numeric field values on the contract summary page would return an error.

This has been fixed; updates to numeric field values will save as expected.

PM2-3922 DEFECT FIX In Internet Explorer, the contract summary page would not display properly.

This has been fixed; the contract summary page will display properly in all browsers

PM2-4559 DEFECT FIX On the contract summary page, a lengthy Contract Description would push the other fields in the header far to the right.

This has been fixed; the text in the Contract Description field will now wrap as expected.


Approved Language: Clause Management

Admins will be able to manage approved language clause types under Organization Management.

PM2-4724 The Approved Language tab will have two sub-tabs:

Approved Language Records | Clause Types

PM2-4728, PM2-4730 Clause Types will be displayed in a standard table, with the Filter Table, Manage Columns, and Export widgets.
  • The following columns will be displayed by default:
    Name | Date Created | Created By | Status

  • The following columns will be available using the Manage Columns widget:
    Last Modified | Last Modified By

PM2-4731 To add a clause type:
  • Under the Clause Type tab, click Create Clause Type.

  • In the add modal, enter the name.

  • PM2-4732 To set the clause status to Active, click the toggle.

    • By default, the toggle is set to Inactive.

    • Only active clause types can be applied to approved language records.

  • When finished, click Save.

PM2-4733 To edit a clause type:
  • In the clause types table, click on the clause you want to edit.

  • In the edit modal, edit the name and/or status.

  • When finished, click Save.

PM2-4417: Admins will be able to define custom clause types within approved language records.

Admins will be able to add new clause types in the edit and add approved language modals.

Workflow Template Builder

PM2-4577 DEFECT FIX In a workflow template, a single participant with a single role could be added to a phase multiple times for that same role.

This has been fixed; a single participant can only be added to a phase once for a single role.

PM2-4465 If a member of a user group is randomly assigned to a workflow, then that user will be assigned to all phases of the workflow in which the user group is a participant.

Previously, every phase would randomly select a user from the group, so that a workflow with the same user group as phase owner throughout might have several different phase owners, all from that group. Keeping the user assigned consistent throughout the workflow will improve the user experience for everyone involved.

Form Template Builder

PM2-4112 A new trigger will display static text if a condition is met.
  • The static text will appear as long as the trigger condition is met.

  • If the field is updated so that the trigger condition is no longer met, then the static text will no longer appear.

To set up a static text display trigger:

  • In the Manage Field Triggers modal, select the triggering field and set the conditions.

  • Select the Trigger Action Display Static Text.

  • Enter the static text, then click Save.

PM2-4773 If the triggering condition of a field is removed, then the triggered field will be hidden on the form.
  • If the condition for Field A is met, then Field B will display, and if the condition for Field B is met, then field C will display.

  • If the condition for Field A is removed, then the values from both Field B and Field C will be cleared and the fields themselves will be hidden.

PM2-4448 The form template preview will now properly display two-column forms.

Hidden (triggered) fields will not be displayed in the preview.

PM2-4791 Because field labels are no longer supported, the Field Label field will be removed from the form section builder.

Application Settings (New)

PM2-4379 Admins will be able to set the delivery frequency of contract expiration notifications.

To set the delivery frequency:

  • Click on Admin in the menu bar, then select Application Settings.

  • Enter an integer equal to the number of days prior to contract expiration that you want the contract expiration notification to be sent.
    For example, if you enter <25,50,100>, then the contract expiration notices would be sent to responsible parties 100, 50, and 25 days before the contract was set to expire

  • Separate the numbers using commas. Do not enter spaces.

  • When finished, click Save.

These settings will be applied to every contract in the organization.

If you delete the schedule (default is 0,5,7,10,30,60,90,120) and leave the field blank, then no contract expiration notices will be sent!


PM2-4566 The field Maximum Total Compensation will no longer be required.

This field, which represents the maximum compensation for the term of the contract linked to the timesheet, does not apply to all provider contracts.

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