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Kilimanjaro Release Notes

These items were deployed to production the morning of Friday, April 24th, 2020.


PM2-4692 System emails will reflect TractManager branding, as well as copy edits for improved readability.


PM2-5115 The column Last Login will be added to the user directory table.

  • The column will be displayed by default. To remove it, uncheck it in the Manage Columns widget.

  • Upon release of this feature, the value for both existing and new users will be No Login

  • Once a user logs into CLM, the date/timestamp will be captured and displayed in the Last Login column. 

PM2-5013 DEFECT FIX If a user had two or more roles, one of which was (Contract or Workflow) Moderator, and those roles had different Contract Type permissions, then the Contract Type permissions would not be applied consistently.
This has been fixed; Contract Moderators will no longer see the Initiate New Workflow button on contract summary pages if they only have Contract Moderator permissions for the applicable Contract Type.


Workflow Template Builder

PM2-4242 The setup for the trigger Add a user to phase will be optional.

This will allow Admins to apply a single form section to multiple form templates instead of building multiple form sections, when the only difference between those form sections would be the trigger.

  • A new checkbox, Do not use this trigger on the form, will be added to each trigger setup

  • If this checkbox is checked, then the trigger setup fields will be unavailable in the workflow, and the trigger will not appear on the form

  • If this checkbox is not checked, then the trigger setup fields will be required.

Form Template Builder

PM2-4875 BUG FIX When creating a trigger for a radio button field, if the Admin adds multiple conditions, the system will only allow the Admin to select one option among all the conditions.
This has been fixed; a selection can now be made for each condition.

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