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Matterhorn Release Notes

These items were deployed to production the morning of Wednesday, July 8th, 2020.


PM2-5879 BUG FIX The in-app (bell) notification telling the initiator that a workflow has been cancelled would fail to display.

This has been fixed; the in-app notification regarding workflow cancellation will now display for initiators as expected.

Full Text Search

PM2-1034 Users can conduct a single keyword search that will return results from workflows (including timesheets if applicable, which are functionally workflows), contracts, and the vendor and provider directories.
  • This feature uses the familiar search bar in the top right corner of the screen. It just works a lot harder now!

  • Search results are limited by the user’s permissions.

  • In multi-org tenants, results will only be returned for the current org.

The following attributes are searched:


Main Documents (OCR) | Attachments (OCR) | Field Values | Primary Other Party (Org Name Only) | Secondary Other Party (Org Name Only) | Workflow Name | Workflow Description


Main Documents (OCR) | Attachments (OCR) | Field Values | Primary Other Party (Org Name Only) | Secondary Other Party (Org Name Only) | Contract Name | Contract Description | Original Term | Snapshot Name

Vendor Directory: 

Vendor Organization Name

Provider Directory: 

Provider Organization Name

PM2-3785 Search results will appear in a modal with four tabs: Workflows | Contracts | Vendors | Providers
  • Each result tab lists items in descending relevance order.

  • Clicking on an item in the search results will open that item in a new tab.

  • Search results within documents or attachments will take you to the workflow/contract/vendor profile/provider profile associated with the document rather than the document itself.

Additional Notes

  • Full text search does not recognize filters.

  • This search engine won’t auto-correct or search for what it thinks you meant to type. If you entered “Abott” instead of “Abbott,” or “Physican” instead of “Physician,” you won’t see results unless there’s a matching typo in the database.

  • Partial matches are unsupported. This means that if you type in “Searc,” you won’t see results. However, if you type in “Search,” you’ll see results for “Search,” “Searches,” etc.

  • Neither dates nor numbers are searchable.

  • Recently uploaded documents may not be searchable for an hour or so because the system needs time to index them.

Vendor Directory

PM2-5691 BUG FIX Within a vendor profile, an attachment could not be deleted from an exclusion verification.
  • Clicking the trash can icon would not trigger a response in the UI; a background error was occurring.

  • This has been fixed; attachments can now be deleted from exclusion verification records.


PM2-5903 DEFECT FIX Terminate and Amend workflows cannot be initiated from contracts that originated from Contract Request workflows.

This has been fixed. Relevant workflows can now be initiated from contracts as expected.

PM2-5899 BUG FIX Primary Other Party has been added to the approve request modal, which converts a Contract Request workflow into a New workflow.

Prior to this fix, it was possible to inadvertently activate a contract without a Primary Other Party.

PM2-5861 BUG FIX When a Contract Request was initiated, then Select All Contract Types checkbox and the Contract Type field were erroneously available.
  • When a Contract Request workflow is initiated, the Contract Type must be Request Only.

  • This has been fixed; when a Contract Request is initiated, the Select All Contract Types checkbox and the Contract Type field are unavailable.

PM2-5802 DEFECT FIX The Display Static Text trigger would fail to update when the condition triggering the text changed.
  • In the form template editor, triggers were set up to display different static text depending on the value selected for a custom field.

  • Within a workflow utilizing that form, different selected field values would show the same static text. That static text should have changed when a different field value was selected.

  • This has been fixed; Display Static Text triggers will now function as expected within workflows.

PM2-5832 DEFECT FIX In the Signature Phase, clicking Start Phase would remove a Signatory from the sequence and instead of displaying the Accept Signature button, the UI would display the Complete Phase button.

This has been fixed; the Signature Phase will now flow as expected.

PM2-5835 BUG FIX When a workflow was reassigned, the key terms would fail to carry over to the reassigned workflow.

This has been fixed; key terms will now carry over as expected.

PM2-5834 BUG FIX When a workflow was reassigned, the Responsible Parties would fail to carry over to the reassigned workflow.

This has been fixed; Responsible Parties will now carry over as expected.

Request Access

PM2-748 The Request Access feature will allow anyone with a valid email address within a specific whitelisted domain to request access to the system and be granted a new role, Requestor, so that they can access the Contract Request feature.
  • This feature is optional, meaning that it can be toggled OFF upon request.

  • Admins determine the whitelisted email domains.

  • Admins determine the Organization in which new Requestors are assigned.

  • A person requesting access is not established as a user until they validate their email address and establish login credentials. Upon completing these steps, they will have the Requestor role within a single, Admin-specified Organization.

To set up the parameters for Request Access:
  • Navigate to Admin > Organization Management > Application Settings.

  • In the Approved Email Domains for Automated Access field, enter one or more email domains (e.g. from which you will grant access requests.

  • In the Destination Organization for Automated Requestor User dropdowns, select the Organization you want Requestors to access.

  • Click Save.

PM2-4928 A new control will allow Admins to select the Organization in which Requestors will have access.

PM2-5605 Verify that a human is requesting access.

An algorithm will asses the likelihood that a request is problematic. If the algorithm determines that the request is likely problematic, then the person requesting access will be presented with a reCAPTCHA challenge.

User Experience

To request access:
  • Navigate to the request access URL.

    • A specific URL for requesting access will be provided.

  • Enter your first name, last name, and email address.

    • Check the optional Add Additional Information box if you’d like to provide additional information for your user profile.

  • Click Submit.

PM2-5604 The Requestor must validate their email address and establish login credentials in order to appear in any user list.

This differs from users added by an Admin, who appear in the user directory as inactive until they establish login credentials.

  • Upon submitting a request for access, the Requestor will see the following confirmation:
    Your request has been submitted. Please check your email for further instructions. Note: all requests for access, if not completed by establishing a password, will expire after one hour. If you are already a registered MediTract CLM user, please access the login page to reset your password.

  • If the user already has an account for the email address they entered, they'll receive a catch-all error message that contains (among other things) text directing existing users to their login URL.

  • The person will receive a system-generated email with a verification link.
    MediTract CLM - Email address validation
    Please click on the link below to confirm your email address and establish a password for access to the MediTract CLM system. Please note: This link expires 1 hour after this email was sent.   

  • After establishing a password, the Requestor will see the following confirmation:
    Your account has been established. Please click here to login.

Contract Library

PM2-5878 BUG FIX In the All Fields tab of the contract summary page, the Big Decimal field failed to retain the ending decimal place.

This has been fixed; trailing zeros entered in the Big Decimal field will display as expected.

Attachment Sorting

PM2-1267 Attachments within a contract file can now be managed within a table with widgets.

PM2-5517, PM2-5518 The Attachments accordion on the contract summary page has been replaced with an Attachments tab, which is between the Documents tab and the Critical Dates tab.

PM2-5519 Under the Attachments tab, attachments will be displayed in a table similar to other tables in the app.
  • The following columns appear by default:
    Actions (static column) | Category | Filename | Confidential | Visible to External Party | Effective Date | Expiration Date | Subject | Notes*
    *This column will display a max of 20 characters. Hovering over the ellipsis (…) will reveal the full note.

  • Column sorting and pagination functions behave as they do in other tables throughout the app.

PM2-5520 The Attachments table will have the Manage Columns widget.
  • The following default columns will be available in the Manage Columns widget:
    Category | Filename | Confidential | Visible to External Party | Effective Date | Expiration Date | Subject | Notes

  • The following additional columns will be available in the Manage Columns widget:
    Created By | Created On | Modified By | Modified On

PM2-5521 The Attachments table will have the Filter widget.
  • Filtering will be available for the following attributes:

  • Filename (contains)

  • Confidential (Yes or No)

  • External Party Visibility (Yes or No)

  • Effective Date (date range picker)

  • Expiration Date (date range picker)

  • Subject (contains)

  • Notes (contains)

  • Created On (date range picker)

  • Created By (type-ahead picklist of relevant users)

PM2-5522 The Action column will always be the first column in the Attachments table.

It will contain the following actions in each row:

  • PM2-5545 Click View to open the attachment in the document viewer. In the document viewer, the Download, Upload, and View History actions will be available.

    • PM2-5554 When a user uploads a new version, the filename, date and timestamp, and user’s display name will be recorded under View History.

    • Any previous versions will be available under View History.

  • PM2-5546 Click Edit to open the edit attachment modal.

  • PM2-5547 Click Download to download the attachment.

PM2-5553 Click Delete to delete an attachment. You’ll see a delete confirmation popup.

PM2-5523 Users can add new attachments in the Attachments tab.

To add an attachment:
  • Click the blue + in the top right corner of the Attachments tab.

  • Select a file to upload.

  • In the modal, complete the fields. (Red asterisks denote required fields.)

  • When finished, click Save.

PM2-5555 The attachments displayed in the table will correspond to the version of the contract that the user is currently viewing.

To view different contract versions of attachments:

  • Open a contract summary page and go to the Attachments tab.

  • Navigate to a contract summary page.

  • Click the caret next to the contract name to select a different version of the contract. 

  • See the attachments relevant to the Action Type change as you select a different version.Note that when viewing a previous version of the contract, all attachments in the table will be read-only (view/download only).

PM2-5564 The Export widget will be available in the attachments table.

The table can be exported as an XLSX or CSV file.


PM2-5483 BUG FIX Under Timesheet Management, attempting to save filter settings for the Timesheet Unit Type table would return an error.

This has been fixed; filters can now be saved as expected.

PM2-5773 The Pay Code field can now be edited on the Add New Timesheet form.
  • This fulfills the business need to apply specific pay codes to individual timesheet reporters.

  • The Pay Code field can be edited for each activity on the Add New Timesheet form, as well as the Edit New Timesheet form.

  • The change will only be applied to the activity on that specific timesheet.

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