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Mount Blanc Release Notes

These items were deployed to production the morning of Friday, July 26th, 2019.


  • Upon the fifth consecutive incorrect login attempt, a user account will be locked for 10 minutes.


  • PM2-2485 In the Workflows and Contracts tabs, custom fields are now available.
    To report on custom fields:

    • Click on + Additional Columns.

    • In the popup, select the custom fields on which you want to report.

    • Click Add. (You’ll see the selected columns in the table, as well as in the Filter Table widget.)


  • PM2-865 Workflow participants will be able to see a log of workflow actions in the Workflow History panel on the right side of the workflow pages.

    • The following details will be logged:

      • Action taken

      • Date and time

      • User who took action

      • Phase in which action was taken

    • The following actions will be logged:

      • Workflow initiation

      • Phase start

      • Phase participant turn submitted (review, approval, signature)

      • Phase submission

      • Phase retraction

      • Workflow activation

      • Workflow cancellation

  • PM2-2381 The error message given when a user attempts to view a workflow to which they do not have access has been improved. When a user attempts to access a workflow they do not have permissions to view:

    • They will see no data from that workflow. (This is already the case.)

    • They will see an error message stating the following: You do not currently have the necessary permissions to view this workflow. Please contact your Administrator for further details if needed.

  • PM2-2856 Admins and phase owners will be able to change the phase owners in workflows. To change the phase owner:

    • In the Participant Info panel click the + next to the phase owner’s name.

    • In the popup, select the new phase owner.

    • Click Save.

Only a user with phase owner or admin permissions for the applicable location and contract type can be assigned as phase owner.

  • PM2-3110 When a workflow is retracted, the participant sequence will be retained.

    • The Participant Sequence panel will still display the participants that were added before the phase was retracted.

    • The actions completed by the participants (review and approval) will be reset.

    • Any proxies will be removed.


  • PM2-2857 In the initiation phase, if a parent node is deleted from Contract Locations, then all its child nodes will be deleted as well. 


  • PM2-3194 Users can populate additional fields beneath the Key Terms section in the activation phase. For example, they may need to verify the final state of values that were projected ahead of negotiation, such as changing Expected Annual Revenue into Annual Revenue.

    • There is a subsection at the bottom of the Key Terms panel;

    • When an admin defines a set of form fields in the activation phase of a workflow template, the Form panel will be populated by those form fields;

    • If the Form section contains fields that were previously populated in form phases, the values of those fields will be reflected in the Activation phase.

Document Categories

  • PM-2873 The Effective Date and Expiration Date fields no longer appear in the Add Document modal.

  • PM-2874 Main Contract has been removed from the Document Category options. The document phase no longer requires a Main Contract document to be completed.

  • PM-3124 The following document categories have been added to the Add Document modal (in workflows) as well as the document template library:

    • Clinical Staff Augmentation

    • Non-clinical Staff Augmentation

    • Master Services Agreement

    • Statement of Work

    • Services Agreement

    • Purchase Agreement

    • Supply Chain Agreement

User Directory

  • PM2-3043 User profiles now have a navigation pane on the left side. This replaces the User Profile and User Permissions tabs at the top of the profile. Also, the User Permissions tab has been renamed Contract Permissions.

Contract Library

  • PM2-3173 On the contract summary pages, there will be a Key Terms section.

    • This section is at the top of the Summary tab.

    • The Key Terms section includes the following fields:

      • Effective Date

      • Expiration Date

      • Auto Renewal

      • Renewal Term Months

      • Evergreen

      • Renewal Times

    • The Original Term field is at the bottom of the Key Terms section.


Workflow Template Builder

  • PM2-2185 The workflow template builder is now available to users with admin permissions.

  • PM2-2092 To access the workflow template builder, click on Admin in the menu bar, then select Organization Management.

  • PM2-2094 In Organization Management, click the Workflow Templates tab. Workflow templates are displayed in a standard table.

  • PM2-2095, PM2-2096, PM2-2100, PM2-2328 The workflow templates table has the same sort functionality and Filter Table, Manage Columns, and Export widgets common to other tables in the application.

  • PM2-2098 To filter the workflow template table by location, click the caret to expose the organization tree on the left side of the screen, then double-click on a node in the tree.

  • PM2-2159 To create a workflow template, click Add New Workflow Template.

  • PM2-1331 In the modal, select the locations where the workflow template will be applied, then click Next.

  • PM2-2326 Available location nodes will be filtered by the current organization, as well as the user’s permissions.

  • PM2-1334 Enter the Workflow Name and select the Action Type and Contract Type, then click Next.

  • PM2-2333, 2706 Workflow templates must have unique names.

  • PM2-1337, PM2-1345, PM2-1407, PM2-1411, PM2-1412, PM2-1413 To add a phase, click the phase icon/name.

    • To edit phase attributes, such as the phase name, phase owner, and other phase participants, click the pencil icon next to the phase name.

    • To add a phase after editing phase attributes, click on Add Phases, then click a phase icon/name.

  • PM2-2162 To restrict the form data so that it can only be seen by users with appropriate permissions, check the Restrict Form Data box.

  • PM2-2102 To remove a phase, click the trash can icon next to the phase name.

  • PM2-1408 Because all workflow templates require an activation phase, the activation is included by default and cannot be removed.

  • PM2-2165 To preview a form in a form or activation phase, click Form Preview.

  • PM2-1335 To make a workflow template active, click the Inactive toggle so it switches to Active. To save a workflow template, click Save. Inactive workflow templates will be unavailable for selection during workflow initiation.

  • PM2-2389 Workflow templates that currently in use cannot be deactivated.

  • PM2-2097 To edit an existing workflow template, click on the template name in the grid. In the modal, edit the workflow template, then click Save.

  • PM2-2335, PM2-2690 To copy a workflow template, click Copy Workflow Template.

  • PM2-2688 In the Copy Workflow Template modal, select the workflow template you want to copy and enter the new template name, then click Copy.

    • PM2-2689 The Copy button will be disabled until both fields in the modal have been completed.

    • The new workflow template will be inactive.

  • PM2-2157 Workflow template records will store the following information:

    • Created On

    • Created By

    • Last Modified On

    • Last Modified By

  • PM2-2577 The Save and Cancel buttons are always available in the bottom right corner.

    • In the Edit Workflow Template modal, the Active/Inactive toggle is always available in the bottom right corner.

    • The Active/Inactive toggle is disabled until the user has completed the required fields.

    • The Add Phase link is available when the user is not on the Add Phases screen.

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