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Mount Everest Release Notes

These items were deployed to production the morning of Friday, November 1st, 2019.


  • PM2-2292 Notify a participant, using an in-app alert (bell notification) that they have been added to a phase. Note that this notification corresponds to an existing email notification.
    Phase participants need to be made aware when they have been added to a phase. When a phase in which a user is a participant is started, or when a participant is added after a phase has started, that participant will receive notification:

    • The bell notification will appear in the menu bar.

    • The notification will link to the applicable workflow.

    • The notification will read: 
      You have been added as a participant for the [Phase Name] Phase of Workflow [Workflow Name]. You will be notified if specific actions are needed.

  • PM2-3422 Notify Phase Owner that a Proxy has been added to the sequence.
    The Phase Owner need to be made aware if a user substitution has been made due to out-of-office proxy settings in case that proxy user has questions or needs context. Also, the Phase Owner may need to review the proxy and manually overrule the assignment. Once a proxy user has been assigned to a workflow phase sequence, the Phase Owner will receive an email notification:
    Subject: A proxy user has been assigned to [insert Workflow Name]
    Body: You are receiving this notice because a proxy user, [Proxy User First Name] [Proxy User Last Name] has been assigned as [Role being Proxied] to [Workflow Name] while [Proxied User First Name] [Proxied User Last Name] is out of office. You may want to review this assignment and provide additional information to this user.

Tables & Reporting

  • PM2-2486 Allow calculation of dates relative to the current date. For example, users will be able to schedule a report showing expiration dates that are happening 14 days from the current date (the day the report is generated).
    Users will be able to filter any date field by a number of days before or after (or both) today's date.

    • For scheduled reports, today's date will be defined as the day a report generates.

    • Date filters will have a toggle: Fixed Range (existing functionality for selecting set dates, e.g. 10/31/2019–11/30/2019) | Relative Range (new functionality, e.g. 30 days prior to or after the current date) 

  • PM2-3944 In the Filter and Manage Columns widgets, the lists of fields will be alphabetized. This will make the widgets much more user-friendly.

  • PM2-3765 DEFECT FIX In the Filter Table widget, the new Is default checkbox will allow users to change their default filter settings at any time. Previously, the default designation was only available when first creating a filter.

    • To save filter settings:

      • In the Filter Table widget, select the filters you want.

      • Click the Save (floppy disc) icon. 

      • Enter a name for the filter.

      • To set the filter as your default, check the Is default box.

      • Click Create.

    • To make changes to a saved filter:

      • Apply the saved filter.

      • Change the filter criteria as needed.

      • Click the Save (floppy disc) icon. 

      • If you want, change the default setting in the Is default checkbox.

      • Click Update.

  • PM2-3954 DEFECT FIX In the Contracts tab, the dropdown in the Additional Columns filter will populate as expected.


  • PM2-3802 In the Activation Phase, the Internal Signatories and External Signatories fields will be editable.

    • Previously, signatories could not be added without a Signature Phase in the workflow. Sometimes the need arises to upload pre-existing, signed documents and to note who signed them.

    • The Phase Owner, Reviewer, Approver, and Admin will be able to edit these fields in the Key Terms section.

  • PM2-3849 DEFECT FIX Skipping a participant will no longer return an error.

Contract Library

  • PM2-3817 The Include Inactive Contracts toggle will be available in the Contract Library.

    • By default, this toggle will be OFF. Note that search performance is improved in this state because fewer there will be fewer results returned.

    • When this toggle is OFF, Expired, Archived, and Terminated contracts will be excluded from search results.

  • PM2-3960 On the contract summary pages, the Explicit Access accordion will be hidden until that feature is developed.


  • PM2-3845 Under Organization Management in the Workflow Templates table, the newly added Forms column will list the forms associated with each workflow template.

  • PM2-3626 DEFECT FIX Under Organization Management in the Workflow Templates table, the Contract Type filter in the Filter Table widget will now work as expected, returning any workflow template assigned to the selected Contract Type.

  • PM2-3939 DEFECT FIX In newly created workflow templates, the Created By field will now populate as expected.

  • PM2-3961 DEFECT FIX In the Document Template Library, the choices in the Document Category dropdown in the Add New Template modal have been updated.

Data Consolidation

  • PM2-3349 The default Document Category list in workflows and the Document Template Library will include the same standardized list of values.
    This standardization of Document Categories will enable us to provide customers with better analytics, helping them to make more informed decisions.

  • PM2-3348 The default Attachment Category list in workflows will include a standardized list of values.
    This standardization of Attachment Categories will enable us to provide customers with better analytics, helping them to make more informed decisions.

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