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Mount Juneau Release Notes

2020.04.03 These items were deployed to production the morning of Friday, April 3rd, 2020.


PM2-4414 BUG FIX In the Timesheets tab, “Canceled” status has been corrected to “Cancelled.”


PM2-3386 The field Additional Notes will be added to the add and edit attachment modals.
  • This will be an optional, free text field.

  • Text entered in this field will appear in the Attachments accordion.

  • If an entry is longer than the display field, then a more link will be present, which will allow users to click to see the entire entry.


PM2-4785 If custom phase names are entered in a workflow template, then those phase names will be displayed in the Phase Tracker at the top of the workflow screen.

Previously, only the default phase names would be displayed.

PM2-4832 BUG FIX Attempting to copy/paste numeric field data from the Form Data accordion into the document would paste code instead of the field value in the document.

This has been fixed; values copied from the Form Data accordion will paste as expected.

Admin: Workflow Templates

PM2-4845 Changes will auto-save when navigating away from a phase or section.

If the Admin editing a phase or section in a workflow template clicks on the edit (pencil) icon for another phase or section, then the changes made in the previous phase or section will automatically be saved.

PM2-4541 In the edit workflow template modal, the Next button in the bottom right corner of the Select Locations screen will be changed to Save.

When the Admin navigates away from the Select Locations screen, any changes will be saved.

PM2-4508 When the Admin updates the Location (or Locations) and/or Contract Type (or Types) for a workflow template, workflow participants whose permissions do not match the new criteria will be removed.
  • This will apply to Phase Owners, Approvers, Reviewers, Signatories, and any triggered participants.

  • If one or more workflow participants will be removed, a popup notification will appear:
    The updates made to the Locations or Contract Types do not match the permissions for the participants added. The following participants will be removed from this Workflow Template.
    <Phase name>

    • <Participant Name>

    • <Participant Name>

The user will click Yes to proceed, or No, take me back, and then Cancel, to discard the changes.

PM2-4856 When the Admin saves changes to a workflow template, a loading spinner will display and the screen will be grayed out.

These visual cues will prevent the Admin from clicking around before saving is complete.

PM2-5021 BUG FIX If a trigger would insert multiple participants, then the Sequence checkbox would fail to work.

This has been fixed; the Sequence checkbox will now work with triggers set up to insert multiple participants

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